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Post by Wargaming_Nut » Thu Dec 09, 2004 6:17 pm

Good point, I suppose Japan should just resign. Of course, I hope you realize that I'm talking about Original A&A here, not Revised; your comment about Victory Cities made me wonder... :P
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im talking about both versions.. capturing capitals or victory cities
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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Post by adlertag » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:45 pm

Mr. Wargaming nut. tanks for chosing me as your military advicor.

This topic, how to finish off Japan after fall of germany, is a common situation. When you guys kicked the germans back to stone age, japan propably took advantage of the open window, and the frontline now goes from Evenki, Novo, Kaz, to Persia and Syria.
This leaves Tojo with about 50 ipc's income, Sovjet with 20 ipc, UK with 24 ipc and you, as the US player , with 54 ipc. Am I right so far ?

Always make sure you are playing with individual winning condition, anything else would be ahistorical. US,UK and USSR were in fact rivals, not friends, but in a brief moment, they enjoyed community of interesst.
If you conquer Japan , you got 60 % increase. UK will need 50 ipc income, and Sovjet 40 ipc income to treathen this. If that happens, you must first invade mainland Asia, before finnishing off Japan.

1.Know yourselves, how sharp and ruthless are you. Are you able to phsyce out your friend, stair him into his eyes and knocking the wood when he roll the dice ?
2.Know your opponent. Is his anchestors from any territory in Asia, find out, and use this territory as a killing field. When I am germany, my friends will always try to liberty Norway , so I take advantage of that.
"Feelings will destroy your judgement".
3.Know the situation. If japan is stretched out over asian continent, that is good for you. UK and Sovjet will for sure push inf. mech. to stop the tide wave. Your only waraim is to CONQUER JAPAN, but only after you are sure you got enogh ipc income to win an individual wictory.

Historically US subs commerce raidet japan to starving point, and then used A-bomb. Because of playability, this is no options, and you must follow the usual game strategies.

Save all your ipc's for 2 turns , this will confuse your opponent, and he will probably use all his resources in stopping the Sovjet and UK inf. tide wave in the continent.
Now you build 12 subs (the submarin push mechanic), and clean the Pacific for japanese ships.
Move your fleet of trannies and BB's into Pacific,
After taking Okinava, build bombers and do SBR.
Let the fleet kill any enemy units in range, but dont forget
It take some turns to move through Pacific.
So make sure the enemy never win any decessive battles.Never split your force up, always be 3 to 1, even if it is considered chicken.
is very importent, so you propably should through in a carrier if the subs and Atlantic fleet didnt finnished all japanese ships.

If Sovjet or UK have gained so much territory that they got more than 66 % increase, you must first invade in mainland Asia, gather the neccesary income, and then slaughter Japan.

Hope this has been more INFORMATIVE than the replyes that suggests you to deal with Japan first.

Adlertag, your advicor of choice.

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