Techonology Rolls

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Techonology Rolls

Post by timerover51 » Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:06 am

We have been playing Classic using the Technology Rules for quite a while. I know this will horrify certain members of the forum, but we enjoy the uncertainty and advantages that technology gives the game. What I have been doing, and some of the students playing have also started doing is buying 3 technology dice for 15 IPC each time a technology roll is being attempted. Probability-wise, this gives you a 42 per cent chance of getting a 6, but so far, accept for one time, we have been consistent at getting at least one 6 per attempt. Of course, the frustrating thing is getting more than one 6, as we allow only one technology to be acquired per attempt, although it appears from the rules that if you roll multiple dice, you can make a roll on the technology chart for every 6 that you roll.

In the current game, both the US and the UK have made technology rolls, 2 attempts for the US and one for the UK. The UK received Rockets, which has proved to be a great annoyance to Germany, while the US has acquired Heavy Bombers and Super Subs. While the US player has yet to launch at strategic air offensive against Japan, the bombers have proved extremely deadly to the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Imperial Army. Japan acquired Jet Fighters, which have proved to be very helpful, via a Scientific Breakthrough random event card draw. Neither the USSR or Germany have managed to divert IPC to attempt a technology roll.

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Re: Techonology Rolls

Post by Wilson2 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:43 pm

Well, If played by the rules (multiple techs for multiple successes), tech can basically spell doom for the axis. US (and perhaps UK) every turn buys 6 tech rolls. Once he gets Heavy bombers and LRA pump out bombers. Axis fleets all die within a few rounds and then on to SBR. 3-4 bombers on Germany and Japan can remove all their IPCs. And you better hope all your ICs have AA guns cause once you no longer get any IPCs you can't afford AA guns.

If the axis are lucky and the US doesn't get heavies for a while and Germany takes russia, then Germany can scramble to develop heavies and LRA. Once both are developed, It simply becomes an AA gun shoot out. Because neither side gets IPCs, It comes down to who loses their bombers first to AA guns.

I was in this situation as Germany. My brother was a better AA gunner :(

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Re: Techonology Rolls

Post by robdunbar69 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:00 am

Tech rolls for heavys?i mean3-4s for ea.! little overthe top we changed the6to adv.radar getting2s onAAguns! yrs ago!
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