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Random Event Cards

Post by timerover51 » Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:58 am

We have been using the random event cards that I have worked up for the second full game, 4 players the first time and 5 players this game, and they seem to be working quite well. The kids like them, and they do add a bit of uncertainty to the game. The first time, the weather cards had major effects a several times: halting the Mediterranean Air Bridge of infantry units from Southern Europe to North Africa, stopping a British invasion of Germany which allowed the Germans to recover and stay in the game for several more turns, and blocking the US player from wiping out the Japanese fleet off of Japan, prolonging its existence for several rounds and resulting in mutual annihilation for the US and the Japanese Navies when the battle finally did occur, rather than a one-sided combat for the US.

In the current game, we have played about 8 rounds, and the Germans and Japanese are still holding out. The various IPC tweaks that they have gotten have been very important in keeping them in the game. Weather so far has not been a factor, but the boost to the Japanese and German fighters has been important. The Japanese received Jet Fighters through a scientific breakthrough even card, and the Germans drew improved air to ground weaponry, giving each of their fighters two dice rolls when attacking ground units (the fighter can only score one hit, but it does improve the odds of hitting).

Play balance appears to be pretty good, although more testing on that needs to be done. I need to do more work on the Axis cards, and make sure that the USSR player is not left out. The Pacific cards look like they are about set except for a couple of the Japanese. The Revised will be similar to the Classic cards with a couple of changes to reflect the presence of the destroyer and the change to the Heavy Bomber technology, while the Europe cards will likely be derived from the Revised set, except include the convoy routes. Those do make for some good possibilities. Once those are done and playtested, I will be able to put them out as an expansion for Classic, Revised, Pacific, and Europe. Not sure about doing anything for Anniversary, given that it may only be available for a limited time. Also, need to finish work on the rules for adding Italy to the Europe game, Classic, and Revised. Classic is going to be tough, because of the limited territories on the map. It will be a nice challenge though.

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