Deffinition of "Combat" in 2nd and 3rd edition

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Re: Deffinition of "Combat" in 2nd and 3rd edition

Post by Craig A Yope » Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:35 am

I also understand and appreciate your bringing this up.

There have been times when I have gone over a rule and thought that it just had to be one way and then eventually had that light go off that shifted everything in my brain.

I specifically remember back when I was dealing with the whole idea of fighters flying out four spaces to a naval battle and not being able to then retreat. It took awhile to "get" the premise that they had used up their full movement to get there and were only allowed that in the first place because the available landing space for them had been a part of the battle or would end up there in NCM.

They were allowed to "retreat" from combat along with the rest of the attacking units, but once NCM came about they needed to land in the actual sea zone that the battle took place and in which they still hovered over. Unlike the naval units that came in and were allowed to bail into an adjacent sea zone, the fighter just stays in the sea zone that the battle took place in because they would finish their movement in NCM. Unfortunately, they have no movement left and die in place.

In the case that you are bringing up, what makes it wacky is the fact that transport moves in CM event though it doesn't actually participate in any combat. But that is covered in the special description of an amphibious assault.

Just as Battleship bombardment is covered in the special combat descriptions section. The battleship gets to use its special power to participant is a land combat. But as stated by Krieghund and myself there isn't any land combat in this example so the battleship doesn't have a combat to participate in and thus it can't move during CM.

It may eventually seem a bit screwy, but that is why it is covered in the rule book. Maybe not to your individual definition of what is or isn't "combat", but that is the intent of the rule.

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