AA House rule idea

Original Axis & Allies 1984-2004

Should AA guns be able to attack?

Yes, and I like this idea
Yes, but I don't like this specific House Rule
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Re: AA House rule idea

Post by DrFager » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:37 pm

What I dont get is why you cant stack multiple anti-air guns. Why can a nation not build more anti-air defense pieces if the enemy is able to level their money flow with strategic bombing?

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Re: AA House rule idea

Post by Imperious leader » Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:23 pm

Because the total damage to aircraft accounted by flak artillery and ground based defenses only made up a total of 10% of total plane loses.

In axis and allies it goes at a clip of 16% for each plane, so multiple planes would increase this damage to account for a ratio much greater than what was realistically possible. If six planes attack you now got 100% odds that you lose a plane.

AA guns are represented and because of the use of a d6 your committed to a higher damage result that you may want.

I would rather have bombers and planes 'hit' by them to just have to return to base and waste their turn with no result. Losing half your air force by the guy rolling 2 ones is really a bust and to add more would just chew up too many air units.

It would get ridiculous.
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