Anyone with info on sculpts?

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Re: Anyone with info on sculpts?

Post by Krieghund » Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:43 pm

ANZAC AAA: 40mm L/70
ANZAC Artillery: 105mm Howitzer (US) in AAP40.1; 5.5in BL in AAP40.2
ANZAC Mechanized Infantry: M5 Halftrack (US) in AAP40.1; Ram-Kangaroo in AAP40.2
ANZAC Tank: Matilda II (UK) in AAP40.1; AC 1 Sentinel in AAP40.2
ANZAC Fighter: Spitfire (UK) in AAP40.1; CA-12 in AAP40.2
ANZAC Tactical Bomber: Mosquito (UK) in AAP40.1; TB.Mk.1 in AAP40.2
ANZAC Strategic Bomber: Halifax (UK) in AAP40.1; PV-1 in AAP40.2
ANZAC Battleship: Royal Oak class (UK) in AAP40.1; Warspite class in AAP40.2
ANZAC Cruiser: County class, Kent subclass
ANZAC Destroyer: Johnston class (US) in AAP40.1; Tribal class in AAP40.2
ANZAC Carrier: Illustrious class (UK) in AAP40.1; Majestic class in AAP40.2
ANZAC Submarine: Ray class (US) in AAP40.1; S class in AAP40.2
ANZAC Transport: Liberty Ship (US) in AAP40.1; Monowai class in AAP40.2
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