The Case against 0 ipc territories (esp. Pacific Islands)

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Re: The Case against 0 ipc territories (esp. Pacific Islands

Post by Imperious leader » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:35 pm

One thing you want to avoid is putting everything into this "round number box"

Example: 5 for capitals, 3 for this and 1 for that.

The game requires you to count IPC and need an accurate total in order to play the game, So it makes sense to just establish an economic total valued in IPC and use that to determine this victory point system. It saves a separate count and players are usually more aware of how close they would be to victory.

The island problem is solved with NO, not changing the maps values IMO>
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Re: The Case against 0 ipc territories (esp. Pacific Islands

Post by elbowmaster » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:02 am

Caractacus wrote:
I am sure it did - but that is so far from realistic that I can't force myself to try it...
Of course there was a limit to what new unit you could place at that IC. Only 1 inf / art (iron blitz version). Only offering ideas that have worked in the past, with out some complex (no pun intended) solution. Try it, before you buy it. Use a supply token from Guadalcanal if that makes you feel better.

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Re: The Case against 0 ipc territories (esp. Pacific Islands

Post by Yavid » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:45 am

There was an expansion for Classic that addressed this issue. The solution it used was the first time an island was taken the value was raised to 2 for the rest of the game. So Japan takes Wake, US losses nothing in IPC. Japan goes up 2. US retakes Wake goes up 2 IPC and Japan goes down 2 IPCs.

I do totally and completely agree that there needs to be an Japan Outer Defenses Perimeter and American Island hopping in the game and the only Island (with zero value) worth taking in Caroline and only for the Naval Base.

The other issue I have with fighting on the pacific map is the destroy China as fast as possible way Japan is played. IPC value on the islands. being more than Chinese TT may cause Japan to fight the war Japan fought and thought they could win. At sea for islands. Not driving hard and deep into China before turning on India.
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