How to think about Maps, (and IPC distribution)

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Re: How to think about Maps, (and IPC distribution)

Post by Flashman » Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:40 am

The big problem with the Pacific non-war is the lack of a Soviet-Japanese non-aggression pact.

The Japanese only decided to attack the Western Allies in the Pacific when they'd sealed a treaty with the Soviets. Without this, they'd never have attacked America. Conversely, if they'd found themselves at war with Russia, the western war would ahve been off the agenda.

The lack of a treaty, combined with the lack of difficult terrain in Asia, and the silly movement rules, created the bizarre spectacle of Japanese tank collumns heading for Moscow. I don't believe a VC or factory in Hawaii substantially deflects from this.

Put that treaty in place and make Siberia and western China the difficult terrain they should be and you might just get a Pacific war of some consequence.

The progress with 1914 (no new factories or use of captured factories) has shown that you can substantially change fundamental game structures without making the game feel less like Axis and Allies.

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