Game Day at 1st Division Museum

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Game Day at 1st Division Museum

Post by timerover51 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:30 pm

The Center for Gifted, in Glenview, Illinois, which I work with, has been invited to put on a Game Day at the 1st Division Museum in Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, Illinois, on November 15t, 2014. The Game Day is open to adults as well as children from middle school through high school. There will be a charge.

The following links give more information on the Day and also as to the games projected to be played. Most games will be run by GameMasters, so if you have not played before, the rules will be reviewed. ... y_2014.pdf

For the Axis and Allies Game, we will be using the Classic version with some house rules and Random Event Cards. The Random Events cards will be done using a 54 card deck referenced to two tables, one for the Axis and one for the Allies. There is an off chance we might try to use the large 1930 Map from Historical Board Gaming with Classic rules.

For the Attack game, we will be using my heavily modified version, combining elements of the original Attack game and both Expansions. Players will be either a monarchy, a democracy (hard to play), a Fascist government, or a Communist government, each with differing victory conditions. Prior Axis and Allies experience is required.

Edit Note: For any further questions, ask here, or message me.

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