GEN CON 2016

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GEN CON 2016

Post by GSmorey » Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:49 am

AA Gamers,

If you have not looked at the calendar, only 28 days, yes, 4 weeks 'til GEN CON...holy cow! It seems like Origins was just last month. 'Doh! It was...anyhow, preparations are now in order for those planning on attending GEN CON in 2016.

I have received quite a lot of new e-mails from players that have not attended before and look forward to meeting all you at GEN CON. Also, I have been informed that a few older players are making their way back to GEN CON. Great news on the AA front.

As for my schedule of Axis & Allies events, you can search on the GEN CON site under, “SmoreySwamp” (or click on link provided) to see the status of all my events and how many event tickets have been sold for each. It appears that a lot of the casual 1942 2nd Ed. games are selling out, or getting close to it.

Just a reminder, for all tournament events, try and buy a event ticket. But if you can't, just get generics. I will let everyone in a tournament regardless if there spot available or not. I just need to make sure we have enough table space...but then that is my problem... For all causal games, including 1941, if sold out, you will have to find another slot that the game is available. I most likely will not have extra space to fit everyone in those events beyond what is allotted for.

Speaking of table space, the location of the SmoreySwamp Axis & Allies HQ is just a bit off from last year. Please take a look at our new location. You will NOT be able to see us upon entering the doors of the Hall D by the front kiosk. My suggestion is to go around to the side and enter that way. We will be right inside the doors.

As far as AA rules go, please check out the SmoreySwamp Link at: For all tournament players, please check out the new revised "End Time" Rules...I believe some well needed clarifications have been made for these rules.

Also, one last reminder for the Vets as well as newer players, the lines at GEN CON will be crazy long in the am on Thursday and Friday for both badges and event tickets. If you want to get into an event starting in the am on any day. Make sure you have your badge before hand or you will not get into the Hall. Also, if you are stuck waiting in line for an event ticket, just use generics...I can not let anyone into an event 15 minutes after the official staring time of that event.

That is it for now. Let me know if you have any questions.

Gregory J. Smorey – Axis & Allies EO/GM, GEN CON, ORIGINS, Spring Gathering

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Gregory J. Smorey – EO/GM
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