expansions and related games

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expansions and related games

Post by randy66 » Thu Jul 08, 2004 12:44 am

the following is a summary of a&a expansions and related games that are worth checking out:

1. xeno games/'world at war': this is a spinoff of the original milton bradley game with an expanded world map and expanded rules...it adds France and China as independent players with a host of neutral countries such as Turkey, Spain and Sweden, among others...new units such as half battleships were also added...this is a game worth checking out and purchasing if you have not come across it.

2. xeno games/'europe at war': this is a highly detailed map of europe, the middle east and north africa...this has always been a particular favorite with my gaming circle and is much appreiciated for its depth and complexity...Italy can be played as a seperate power and Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are represented as Axis minors that are played by the Italian player...many of the rules are flawed and many serious gamers have created their own fixes for the problems...however, this is a must have for any serious gaming circle.

3. xeno games/'pacific at war': this games was in the works for a long time before finally making it to production and then store shelves...this is my personal favorite of the xeno expansions and focuses on the pacific conflict with Japan on one side and America, Britain and China on the opposing team. Japan has the option of being played by two commanders: a land commander and a sea commander! this game also introduced naval bases, both minor and major...this is also a must have for any serious gaming circle.

4. gamers paradise/expansions I, II & III: expansion I added complex naval rules. expansion II dealt with ground units and expansion III was a Midway expansion with a seperate, enlarged map of the original game map, as produced by Milton Bradley...these expansions are at least worth taking a look at as they can expand your depth of play for any serious a&a player.

5. ralph boerkes/'large europe '41 map': I have very little play time on this map, but my gaming circle has given it high marks...it introduces shipyards where capital ships take multiple turns to produce and introduced weather as a factor...also introduced the complete army, where original axis and axis and allies europe pieces now allow you to have basic and advanced units on the board, such as light tanks and heavy tanks as an example...the map is fantastic and huge and will require a very large table or multiple tables and a lot of patience to set it up, about an hour...boerkes also has an expanded world map which is no longer in production, but is due to be rereleased in the near future...the original world map also had a 1948 map on the backside.

6. imp games/'east vs. west': while this is not technically an a&a expansion this is a great game to add to your collection...set in the cold war era it pits the soviet union against nato, the united states and britain...this game adds depth in that it allows you to have different technical levels for units, such as tanks and the atom bomb rules are very interesting to play...once again, if you can find it and buy it, it is really worth having.

7. conquest games/'operation barbarossa': this a theatre based game, almost a prelude to the a&a dday game just released except this one has a twist: russian units in cities are hidden from the german player...this is not one of my favorites, but still worth having and playing and it is a quick game, two hours at the very most.

the lists above are just brief summaries and are not intended as serious reviews...if you cannot tell i like, if not love, all the expansions i have played and owned...i did not include the avalon hill expansions, which i have played and own, as they are already a part of this forum, although for the first time i can finally say that there is a game i really do not enjoy and that would be the new a&a dday game which i found downright boring...if your funds are limited and you have only enough money to buy just one expansion i say go for the east vs west game, the sheer amount of the russian set up on tanks and troops will astound most players...THANKS.
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