GEN CON 2012 Results!

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GEN CON 2012 Results!

Post by GSmorey » Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:49 am

Greetings AA Gamers,

WOW...what another great GEN CON. I hope everyone had as a great of time playing AA as we did running events for you...

I believe, and IMO, GEN CON was a great success. From the new 1941 events, to the new 1942 2nd Ed. tourney, and we can't forget the AA mini's/WAS events, by all accounts of the comments from those that attended, things went very well. I believe we only managed to piss off, one, maybe two people but then those ended up coming back anyhow, but for the most part, a big, big success.

I also want to thank every single one of you that did make the trip and played in any event. A big "your welcome" to all those that have thanked me thus far. And I can't forget my two GM's Kelly and Mike. You guys are awesome. Without you, I would have fallen off the deep end a long time ago...

Soon, as I finish getting settled from GEN CON, I will get all postings and results up on the Swamp. Though not as fast a Dave Jensen was present this year at GEN CON and he was a world of help taking pics as well as playing in the 1942 event....with that, I will also start a thread at on the GEN CON results for 2012. I have taken down my the SmoreySwamp Forum so, and Larry's forum are the place to be on comments and the like regarding all things AA...

Thanks again and talk to you soon. :!:

Gregory J. Smorey
Axis & Allies Tournament Director/GM - GEN CON/Origins/Spring Gathering

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Gregory J. Smorey – EO/GM
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Re: GEN CON 2012 Results!

Post by Krieghund » Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:55 am

Congratulations on another great event, Greg! And also congratulations to all who participated!
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