Axis and Allies promotes racism

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Axis and Allies promotes racism

Post by Nuclear » Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:55 am

Larry, I cannot honestly see how your board games are not promoting the racism that accompanies World War Two. It glorifies the Axis powers. It undermines the hard fighting individuals in Africa as the game mainly centers on the German/Russian Boarder. It paints the Russians as weak as they have a lower IPC value than Germany. It is very stereotypical from an American perspective. Honestly do not see how any of these board games truly portray events as they actually happened or were, and the game glorifies the war criminals of World War Two.
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Re: Axis and Allies promotes racism

Post by suit » Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:41 am

If you want to put polities into wargamming with miniatures, for example Axis and Allies games, we be all playing checkers in the same color gray for both sides!

It is at best a abstract connotation of W.W. II, play some of the older bookcase games of Avalon Hill, for a more realistic feeling of World War Two(along with the two thousand cardboard cutouts).

As for promoting the Axis Powers, they had allot of propaganda to show off from 1939-early 1942 time period.

You would need a speciality game like Stalingrad or one dealing with the two battles of El Alamein, for now we have the Bulge and D-Day games. Perhaps some day, you can always write to WOTC.

The Soviets(which included the Russians) with their dystopia economy, of course have such a low economic numbers. All the bucks they spend running their Gulag Archipelago, much less the Nazi use of slave labor from their camps, dragged down their economies more in the long run(for example stealing the economic gold-grain from the Ukraine-to feed the Soviet economy in the thirties, this causing a massive famine, paid dividends of course for the Germans when they overran Ukraine).

Their should be a war game where these thugs from W.W.II, be put on trial from all the Axis camps, a la Parcheesi with picture cards, and, when you get to Home space, you get to hang that BasXtard war criminal(including the ones who went to S. America and those recruited for the upcoming Cold War).

Also I throw in the jerks from the old U.S.S.R., after all they were economic buddies with Germany, and, in the invasion of Poland. Also causing a few nations to join the Axis cause, they were fearful of the Soviet Bear.🐻

As a American my perspective if you want to make politics of theses games, put one of the older games on a pedestal, get some 1/32 civilian figures, get some string, and, you can make believe you are pulling down a statue. No thanks, Pellulo, Black Lodge, Suit, and, Pellula

P.S. if you want something else to moan about, you can defend the poor Martians for the make believe 1917, 1942, and, Modern Times, “Axis & Allies The War of the Words” *games. I’m sure you can blame Mr. Wells too about his book.

P.S.S. Do not forget to say a few kind words for the Zombies 🧟‍♀️ for the A&A game that plays with them.


*these game are FREE via your imagination!

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