Neutrals with IPC in Nova.

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Neutrals with IPC in Nova.

Post by Orillian » Wed Oct 27, 2004 1:44 pm


I just wanted to get a clearification from you regarding the neutrals with IPC's in the Nova version. does the IPC bonus disappear when the territory is invaded, period? or can say the UK, take syria back to re-aquire the IPC bonus if germany was to attack it?

Just currious, just got my hands on a nova edition and I'm working on a map for it, and was hoping to give the game a couple tries once I had the map done, don't want to damage the copy that was lent to me! :) I like some of the strategic aspects that this map has. Very cool! There are a couple areas like French indo china and china that are split up much nicer then the newer maps, and I also like the higher IPC amounts in the pacific.


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