What do you want to see in an advanced A&A game?
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Post by TMTM » Sun Dec 26, 2004 5:21 pm

Larry price isn't a problem for us adults who have good jobs... im married now but $250 is no problem for a 20 or 30 something gamer nerd. I do feel bad for thos 13 yr nerds and not so nerdie 13 yr olds that the only money they see is there lunch money and the $5 grandma gave them for Easter. You could offer a silver and gold edition... with high profit in the gold edition since maybe you could get a bulk deal on those neat units... we could buy them ourselves but I don't want to go thru the trouble... I just give you my American Express card and wait for the guy in the brown suit to bring it to me :)

and you could sell all this from your own website... all the little add on kits.. this is where to make some $$ get a web developer to make a nice site and setup a store... cha ching!

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Post by Larry » Sun Dec 26, 2004 9:25 pm

TMTM - interesting concept. I've never been much of a businessman however. Nonetheless, an interesting website is something I'm considering. Thanks for your input

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Post by nlentz88 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 3:17 pm

[quote="TMTM"]Larry price isn't a problem for us adults who have good jobs... quote]

I agree, Larry. Kids and young adults already have the option of discovering and enjoying an affordable, basic version of A&A currently available, i.e. A&AR or any of the other AH A&A products. However, I suspect that mostly adults would be interested in Advanced A&A. Adults usually have more expendable income than kids, so therefore an increase in price is reasonable if the quality of the product increases at the same rate.

Personally, I think a $100 version of Advanced A&A would be a bargain. I've spent far more money on video games and their console systems, and often spend far less time playing them than I do playing A&A with my friends. If Advanced A&A is truly a deluxe edition with better (and more) pieces, a larger map, and (most importantly) more complex and balanced rules, then I would gladly pay $100 and perhaps even as much as $150. If truly pressed, I bet my play group would come together and chip in for a $250 game if it was absolutely amazing in all regards.

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Post by Nuclear » Tue Dec 28, 2004 4:18 pm

I personally feel that the game should not cost more than $75. You already have the molds for the games pieces. You already have the machines to make the control markers. All you really are adding, are new rules, a new map, and most likely some new units. The only way I would be willing to pay higher than $75 is if the game kept note for you of your air movements electroically like how a chess board knows where you move by magnets, and if the pieces were made out of die-cast metal. I work and own a factory, and know that that plastic costs you little to nothing. Once you make a map, you can print them off like hot cakes. If the game is over $75, I bet you will be finding lots of people finding away to create the same thing but in a cheaper way. Also the A&A revised board stinks in the fact that it is not durible and to pay $50 for it is outrages. For that price the product should last longer than a month.
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Post by Imperious leader » Tue Dec 28, 2004 4:44 pm

the advanced concept game will feature 3 new pieces (plastic) plus italian pieces..twelve sided dice, possible cards, a 50 x 30 map made of a mouse pad type material.. so this does have some nice differences from the regular games. these features would allow it to have a highter price point.
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Post by elbowmaster » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:36 pm

well im not so sure larry has decided on too much of anything yet...its still phase two of an undetermined amount of phases...

nuclear brings up very valid points...we can only pray for a better QA department from whoever produces the game...the silly QA mistakes from the last 3 versions have been a smear to the brand name...

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Post by Larry » Sat Jan 01, 2005 5:07 pm

Sad but true.


Shorter game play, what does it have to do with cost?

Post by Guest » Fri Jan 21, 2005 12:00 am

Nice trays for keeping units organized. Racks for chips, like they use in poker. Let's see a chips for 1, 5, and 10. A larger map makes it easier to push around units to gauge prospective battles, without crowding problems. Heavier units tip over less often. I would estimate way too much game time goes into disorganized fiddling around with units, chips, and that kind of thing. If you could move around heavy pieces with low-centre of gravity with a little push-stick, just like generals of old did in real WW2, it would be absolutely awesome. I am telling you, this one "gimmick" alone would triple the recruitment of new players to the game. Of course the board is big enough to get away with it... Anyway, a pipe dream perhaps...

What I AM getting at, is nicer, deluxe, more ergonomic stuff isn't just for the aesthetics, it actually makes game play go smoother and more quickly. When designing this stuff, please keep it in mind how to minimize delays from disorganized fumbling with pieces.

I'd pay $100 or even $150, but a better idea is what someone already said, a cheaper version that you can expand upward.

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