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Re: Must Have's

Post by thehero » Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:59 pm

Thats a great idea about IPC shiping and raiders.

I also thought of a way to keep Japan out of Russia. Give the sea zones off Hawaii, Midway, Solomon is, Alaska and WUS IPC values. If a Japenese ship occupies that sea zone, Japan gets a certain income for that sea zone. If America capture certain Japenese sea zones, the same happens. This represents advantages for convoy movement and morale. It should bring big naval battles into the Pacfic.

If you hold your own sea zone, you get no IPCs.

We should also have convoy raids for Brittan.
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Re: Must Have's

Post by timerover51 » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:53 am

What I would like to see is a graduated set of rules.

A basic set similar to the Classic rules, with a limited number of unit types to allow a new player to get accustomed to the game mechanics. The a more advanced set using more units based on the Revised edition, adding the destroyer and artillery. Finally, the full set, using all of the available units with the cruiser.

In all of the sets, have the two options of no invasion of neutrals and allowing neutrals to be invaded. Along with this include the option of technology and National Advantages. Basically, the player can tailor the game to the way that he/she thinks WW2 should be portrayed.

Last but not least, abandon the 6-sided dice and go to either a 8-sided, or better a 10-sided dice. Going to a full percentile based system is probably asking too much.

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