12 sided die versus the traditional 6 sided die

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yes but when the ATTACKER is also losing infatry and hitting with tanks and planes and its loses are at a slower place than the defender, all these ideas are fruitless along with the simultaneous fire combat sequence.

When i play Japan in 2nd edition i do build infantry like anybody else , but Tansk move two (woops inverse square law doenst account for this either) then when im ready for the final kill--- all these planes, tanks, and men are ready to finish off the job and the fact that i got some good pieces like tanks and planes will insure that ill be getting enough hits on his horde to beat him. I have never attacked with only a bunch of infantry and nothing else. I havent ever played any such game in 25 years that uses this (buy only infantry since in the long run it will beat any combination of other units idea) and won the game. It will never work.
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