12 sided die versus the traditional 6 sided die

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Post by Orillian » Sat Oct 23, 2004 1:34 am

For arguments sake lets say d10’s max at 8 for the strongest a unit can be. You always have to have SOME margin for a miss after all.

Then you take what we are going to assume to be the strongest unit in the game our battleship and give it that as its attack and defense value. So we have an 8/8 battleship.

Now let's take a look at our weakest unit in the game our infantry... now for arguments sake lets say NOTHING is so weak as to be a one. So say in this new scale infantry are 2/2 or maybe even 2/3.

Now we have two combat theatres, land and sea...

So to start we have our land units 2/3 for Infantry, 3/3 for Halftracks, Artillery is 4/2, and our tank is a 5/4.

Then we take a look at our Sea units. WE have our battleship at its 8/8, our Cruiser at say 7/6, our destroyer at 6/6 and our sub at 5/5, transports are a 0/2.

Now we add our planes. Fighters @ 5/6, bombers at 8/3 and our air transports at 0/0. (Maybe they can’t attack or defend. Since they transport cargo only.)

So as you can see I cut out 3 of the possible numbers for our d10 used for unit combat values, and there is still enough variation to show a decent scale of power among ALL units even with the overlap created by the planes.

NOTE: The combat values above are example values only. They have no bearing on the game Larry is working on. JUST my quick set-up to show that for the amount of units Larry is thinking about using d10’s have enough variation to show a good power scale for the units. A d12 would simply stretch this power scale further apart, which is unneeded.

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Post by thoes426 » Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:32 am

I agree with Imp.Ldr, D12 is the way to go.

Thoes426 :twisted:
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Post by Larry » Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:39 am

Elbowmaster – you ask why I choose Mech Inf, Cruiser and Transport Plane. Simply stated… I want one new unit for land sea and air. I am in no way locked into these particular units. On the other hand, I not limited to only 3 new unit types but do think this is the best way to go.

WanderingHead - Wow, I’m getting a lot of support for 12 sided die vs 10 sided. What I like about 10sided die is the percentage factor they present.

Orillian - Thanks for your comments. I do think I can all the results I need with 10sided die.

Imperious leader – worry not… There will not be different dice for different units. And yes “ten” is a cute round number… My primary approach to dice numbers will be in differentiating between “types” of units. For example, perhaps I want German Armor to be shown to be a bit more powerful than Allied Armor. With a 10 sided die I could give a slight advantage to the German Armor (one point different) and still have both armor units be competitive and live within the same realm of numbers. If I want to show the superiority of British Fighters over German fighters I can do this with a 10side die. A 6 sided die has no wiggle room and a 12 sided die perhaps has too much. Actually there are many good reasons to use a 12 sided die. Perhaps I will. But one thing I can assure you… The advanced game will no longer use 6 sided die.

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Post by Krieghund » Mon Oct 25, 2004 2:43 pm

For what it's worth, I used a 12-sided die when I designed my "Advanced Axis & Allies" combat system because I liked the way the number 12 breaks down easily into halves, thirds, fourths and sixths. This seemed superior to the 10-sided alternative to me.
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Post by elbowmaster » Mon Oct 25, 2004 4:50 pm

im seeing good conversation...im leaning more to the d12, but ultimately larry has the final say...

he must have a good reason to have picked that, but ive only read about the 10th's

krieghund makes a strong point as well, nice job...


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Post by Larry » Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:25 pm

Don't lose any sleep over this issue.

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Post by Orillian » Mon Oct 25, 2004 8:44 pm

Loose sleep! naw!

I'll play the game no matter what type of dice you use. As for my example earlier, it was just to show that 12 units can fit quite nicely into a d10 setup. If you decide a 12 sided die is better then I'm ok with that as well. :) I'm a minimalist at heart so the d10 feels cleaner to me! :) but that's ok! I'll cope.

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Post by The General » Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:36 pm

What about includind several different colors of dice in the game. instead of all black, why not include a minimum of 4 or 5 colors such as (6) black, (6) red, (6) blue, (6) green, and (6) yellow for a total of 24-30 dice? The specific colors are not really important, but if they were different colors that would greatly speed up the battle process (as discussed elsewhere in this forum) by permitting multiple columns to roll simultaneously.


oh, and BTW, it doesn't really matter to me whether 10 or 12 sided dice are used, but the 10-sided dice look a little strange. just an asthetics thing for me.

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