New Soviet Territories

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New Soviet Territories

Post by Patchaman123 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:01 pm

There are some new Soviet territories I would like to see added to Axis and Allies to new Soviet territories such as Leningrad Oblast.

Leningrad Oblast was the city area that contains the city of Leningrad. Historically, Leningrad was a part of Leningrad Oblast and not Karelia, as you may know. Leningrad Oblast was founded in 1927 to be the province of the port that housed Leningrad. Leningrad is a victory city in Axis and Allies, of course. Karelia is a seperate territory. On the real map, Leningrad is not a part of Karelia, Karelia and Leningrad are two seperate territories. Leningrad was never a part of Karelia, Stalin just seized Karelia in order to secure Leningrad, or he so claimed.

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