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Can you dig this Blitz move ???

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Game or reenactment?

Post by Hefsgaard » Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:30 pm

First I would like to address the problem with refering to RL tactics. This is a board Game, not a simulator. I would be very careful with reflecting the historical reality too closely. With regards to Blitz, it is true that the western allies didnt use it that much, though market garden might qualify. But why would the gamemechanics force an american/british player to employ the same doctrines that his historical counterparts used? If we force too much, the game will start to resemble a historical enactment, and not a game, in which every player has the chance to win.

I would say, keep the Blits. I actualy like the simplicity of keeping an armored/mechanisied/airborne armygroup in reserve to make the blitz. The mechanics are simple and the effect helps spreading the defenders.

In stead of allowing the defenders to move additional units to the area, let him try to counter the breakthrough with an offensive of his own. Too much action on an oponents turn, might be more accurate simulation wise, but when will enough of that be enough?

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