Fresh Idea's?

What do you want to see in an advanced A&A game?
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Fresh Idea's?

Post by TMTM » Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:38 pm

I had some idea's for a future advance game... more like the minitures... you start out with a starter kit... nice big map cool peices and awesome rules... and the starter advanced game comes with the first of many add-on secenrio's to come. You could start the game just after Pearl Harbour for example.. then 6 month's later release another whole secenrio... with different unit setups and different units and rules etc etc... I wouldn't want any game to be called the final chapter like I have read around here. You could come out with new units all the time with different powers and costs to keep things fresh.

I still need to buy the minitures... been away from A&A and working... I'll order those sets today.

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