Bonus 12's

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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Pete E
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Bonus 12's

Post by Pete E » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:22 pm

Larry introduced 12-sided dice in Battle of the Bulge and I enjoy the options they offer over 6-sided dice. Rolling the number 12 on a D12 for example, can be used as a bonus and generate two dice rolls. Here's a simple illustration:

Suppose two German infantry and a tank are attacking two Russian infantry units that are dug in the ruins of Stalingrad. If you're fighting a single battle, the Russians have no chance to destroy all three German units. However, if you introduce the #12 bonus roll it can change the outcome. Here, if one Russian scores a hit and the other rolls a 12, it allows the second Russian to roll two dice and potentially add two more hits.

There are other areas this bonus roll can be applied. When a unit is destroyed, I roll to see if another similar formation has replaced it. For example, if an infantry unit falls in combat, a D12 roll of 1-7 will trigger a replacement. However, if a #12 is rolled, it allows two rolls and if both are in the replacement range of 1-7, two infantry are generated.

There can be negative consequences as well. When a unit is hit, I determine if it is destroyed, no harm done, or if it's forced to retreat. Without going into all of the details on how I arrive at these conclusions here is an example rolling a D12 for a single unit:
Rolling 1-4 = No harm done
Rolling 5 = Retreat
Rolling 6-11 = KIA
Roll 12 = Double roll

If a 12 is rolled, the unit now rolls two dice to determine it's fate and must take the more lethal of the two rolls. That means if a 4 and 10 are rolled, the roll of 10 is used and the unit is destroyed.

I also have developed rules that allow units to join survivors of an initial battle and fight a second time. In that case, the number 12 is used as a bonus roll to give a unit two chances to enter the conflict using a Battle Entry Chart.

Try rolling bonus 12's to change the dynamics of a battle and add enjoyment to your game.

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Re: Bonus 12's

Post by nexus73 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:31 pm

If one is trying to even out the outliers, allow a player three chances to reroll during the game. Consider it the equivalent of a NFL coach having two red flags to toss with a third coming if he gets the first two in his favor. If a player's luck is so poor that it would take more than three rollovers to survive, they were toast in any case. Some days you just can't win!

Bad dice happen. Blame the Russians...LOL!

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