new units for G40 2nd

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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new units for G40 2nd

Post by Chicochico » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:48 pm

Hello. My group plays mostly Global 40 2nd edition. We bought several different sets of miniatures from HGB, and spent some time creating stats for them; we wanted each power to have a couple specific 'unique units'.

In out last game we used only 1 new unit, "Mech artillery", avaliable to all powers, basically a normal artillery that moves 2', blitz with tanks and costs $5. Seems expensive, but they got alot of use from germany and UK.

Our extra units, that we will try at our next game, are those:


stats are attack/def/move/cost

Flamethrower Heavy Infantry (Germany); 1/2/1/$3, when paired with a tank, it rolls 2 dices on attack (it's actually 2 attacks, and not just a reroll) (no bonus from artillery)

Tiger (germany): same as tank, except its 4/4/2/$8

Super Battleship (germany, japan): same as battleship, except it sustains 2 hits (3 hits to kill), and on combat or bombardment it rolls 2 dices and picks the better. Costs $24. You can pay $12 during 2 turns, mobilizing it on the second turn.

Armored Car (italy): same as mech infantry, except it doesn't blitz when paired with a tank; instead, this unit can move 1' space or attack on the same turn after disembarking on an axis-controlled territory.

Katyusha (urss): same as mech artillery (2/2/2/$5), except it doesn't blitz when paired with a tank; instead, the first katyusha mobilized on each factory each turn costs 1 less.

Coastal artillery (anzac): 2/2/1/$4, instead of supporting infantry, this artillery receives +1 DEF during the first turn of a coastal invasion.

Flamethrower Heavy Infantry (usa): same as german.

Amphibious infantry (usa): same as mech infantry, except it doesn't blitz when paired with a tank; instead, this unit receives +1 ATK during the first turn of combat when conducting an amphibious invasion.

Escort Carrier (usa): 0/0/2/$13, carry 2 planes (fighters only). Basically a cheaper aircraft carrier that takes only Fighters, doesn't have any combat value and is treated like a transport (can't be used to absorve enemy hits).

Cargo plane (UK): 0/0/6/$10, carries 2 infantry and can keep moving after disembarking them, but can only move during the NCM phase.


So, what do you guys think? We tried to make those pieces as useful as possible, without turning them into better options than the normal units. For example, if my math is right, the flamethrower infantry has a smaller chance to get 1 hit than an artillery-supported infantry (~27%, instead of 33%), but it has a small'ish chance of scoring 2 hits (~3%), plus it needs to be paired to a tank, not an artillery, so i think its quite ok.

I wanted something else for japan; one idea i had was a new unit "Maru", a cheaper transport with some limitation (maybe infantry only). But there was no miniature for that.

I admit we completely ran out of ideas for anzac and russia; the katyusha is such an obvious choice, but what ability should it have? Making it cheaper sounded like a russian thing to do, but i had to limit it to 1 katyusha/factory/turn or it would make the russian mech artillery useless (it already is, kinda). As for the anzac artillery, again, no ideas. On both cases, im gladly accepting suggestions for new abilities.

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Re: new units for G40 2nd

Post by pellulo » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:33 pm

Seems like you turbo charge your gaming with extra units, might you have pics. of the units, thanks, Pellulo

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