Considering a house rule on naval bases

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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Considering a house rule on naval bases

Post by jwingram » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:53 pm

For casual play, we are considering a house rule on naval bases and unit repairs.

The problem: a large fleet with many capital ships parked adjacent to a naval base can be hit with a large amount of force, take hits only on capital ships and destroy or rebuff the attacking force, and then immediately be at full strength. This means that attacks on such forces have to be large and the attack must be willing to suffer massive losses before doing an actual damage to the object of the attack.

This seems to be a problem because A) there is no limit to the number of repairs a naval base can perform per turn and B) there is no cost for these repairs.

In turn, this means that attacking forces have to built up further over time, which results in longer games and longer play time.

This leads to two possible solutions to the problem:

1. Limit a naval base to repairing one unit per build phase. Under this model, the player with multilple wounded capital ships would have to choose a single unit to be repaired each turn.
2. Implement a repair cost of 1/4 of the unit's purchase price (5 IPCs for a battleship and 4 IPCs for a carrier) to repair a capital ship. Under this model, the player with multiple wounded units would be able to repair them all, but doing so would limit the other units that could be built on the player's turn.

What do you think? Is multiple repairs per turn an issue? If you think so, which solution would you prefer to implement to resolve the issue?


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Re: Considering a house rule on naval bases

Post by WILD BILL » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:41 pm

This is an interesting point, and I have considered similar house rules myself. I have thought (as many have) about rolling a dice to determine damage when repairs are done (1-6 IPCs), or maybe limiting a naval base to 3 repairs per turn. In a super stack defense either/both could have an effect on the defender.

Right now I'm playing G40 as Japan (I attacked turn 2 BTW). Japan starts with a lot of ships and planes, and I have added several capital ships to my fleet (carriers mostly). The US has built exclusively on the Pacific side for the first 3 turns, and even brought over the couple ships that start off DC though the Panama Canal (turn 4 US built Atlantic side). We are pretty evenly matched (slight edge to the US), and both have a rather large destroyer screen as well. If he pulls together to attack, I will make sure it takes place on my terms, meaning next to a Japanese naval base (with air support). The Anzac also has a mini fleet that will surly follow up depending on how the US does in the major battle I guess (hitting my Capital ships before repairs are made).

As Japan you generally have a ground battle going. I just killed off all the Chinese, and will probably move on India and Russia. Balancing both the ground/sea can be a chore for Japan. Not sure I would appreciate having to pay for repairs (but would make things interesting). A max of 3 ships repaired could work I guess, but my fleet currently has 8 capital ships in it (might change the causalities I take).

Anyway good luck, let us know what you decide, and how things go WB

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Re: Considering a house rule on naval bases

Post by NinjaEskimo012 » Fri May 19, 2017 4:55 am

Hey, so I just read this, and the house rule that I use is that a Naval Base can only support 5 ships a turn (repair/fuel).

Naval Base (costs15/supports5*)
- can be built anywhere along the coast, limit 2 per territory/1 per island
- can have up to two additions (Dry Dock, Submarine Pen, Fueling Depot)
- supports up to 5 ships (e.g. repair, +1 movement)
Dry Dock (c10/s2*)
- Naval Base addition, limit 2 per Naval Base, required to build capital ships (CV, CVL, BB, CB)
- must be built in conjunction with (either a Major Factory or Industrial Complex) + Naval Base, allows for up to 2 capital ships to be built there per turn (which count towards the production value of the Major Factory or Industrial Complex)
- limit 1 per territory if in conjunction with Major Factory, 2 per territory if in conjunction with Industrial Complex (the extra one is still kept if the IC is destroyed)
Fueling Depot (c6/s2*)
- Naval Base addition, limit 2 per Naval Base
- supports up to 2 ships (+1 movement)
Submarine Pen (c8/s2*)
- Naval Base addition, limit 2 per Naval Base
- supports up to 2 submarines, which may submerge even with enemy destroyers present either while defending or during Non-Combat Movement

These are in conjunction with other facilities:

Production Facilities
Minor Factory (costs 12/produces 3)
- requires territory>2 to place, can't produce anything that costs more than 8 IPCs
- must have Naval Base and Air Base to produce those units
- upgrade to Major Factory for 10 IPCs (allows 4 units produced same turn)
Major Factory (c20/p5)
- requires territory>3 to place
- reduced to Minor Factory upon capture; can be rebuilt by captor on captor's subsequent turn
Industrial Complex (NA/p10)
- cannot build outright, or be upgraded to from a Major Factory (must rely on the ones from the start of the game)
- reduced to Major Factory upon capture
Army Base (c10/p2*)
- requires territory OR island>1 to place, limit 2 per territory/1 per island
- *produces 2 Infantry OR 1 Artillery/Mechanized Infantry/Marine/Paratrooper/AAA/Light Tank
- sustains 4 damage upon capture (which might destroy the base)

Defensive/Logistical Facilities
Entrenchment (costs2/supports1*)
- can be built anywhere, limit 5 per territory
- *supports 1 Infantry/Marine/Paratrooper by +1 Defense
- can be used to soak one hit
- may be destroyed if targeted and hit by a Paratrooper's opening fire, or if hit by one bombardment shot (BB may target)
Blockhouse (c9/s3*)
- can be built anywhere, limit 2 per territory or 1 per island
- *supports up to 3 Infantry/Marines/Paratroopers by +1 Defense and +1 Hit (e.g., an Infantry in a Blockhouse must be hit twice in a round of combat in order to be taken as a casualty)
- units in a Blockhouse may not contribute to defensive pairing, and must be taken as the last Land casualties
- may be destroyed with 3 bombardment shots (BB may target)
- may be destroyed if targeted and hit by 3 Paratroopers' opening fire
- minus 1 support per 3 damage/1 bombardment/1 Paratrooper hit
Coastal Gun (c6/a0/d1/s1*)
- can be built on a coastal territory/island, limit 3 per territory/1 per island
- may hit attacking CL/DD/DE/DM(S)/transports when defending against an amphibious assault, or CL/DD/DE/DM(S) during a preceding naval battle
- *allows for one defending Artillery of the controlling power to also hit said ships during an amphibious assault @D1
- may be destroyed with 2 bombardment shots (BB may target)
- may be destroyed if targeted and hit by 2 Paratroopers' opening fire
Airfield (c6/s2)
- can be built anywhere, limit 4 per territory/2 per island
- supports up to 2 aircraft (e.g. scramble, +1 movement)
Air Base (c15/s5)
- can be built anywhere, limit 2 per territory/1 per island
- supports up to 5 aircraft (e.g. scramble, +1 movement)

Every facility is susceptible to SBRs from both Strategic Bombers and Dive Bombers except for Major Factories and Industrial Complexes (only Strategic Bombers). For all facilities, production/support of units ceases when they sustain damage equal to their production/support capacity (EXC: see Blockhouses), and the facility is removed when the damage equals the cost to build it. For example, a Major Factory can only produce two units when it has 3 damage, cannot produce units when it has 5-19 damage, and is removed from the board when it sustains 20 or more damage. Likewise, an Air Base would only be able to support one aircraft (e.g. scramble, +1 movement) when it has 4 damage, cannot support aircraft when it has 5-14 damage, and is removed from the board when it sustains 15 or more damage. All facilities utilize the OOB rules regarding AA, except for: Airfields, Army Bases, and Coastal Guns, which only supply 1 AA shot; Entrenchments and Blockhouses, which rely on Anti-Aircraft Artillery and interceptors for their defense; and Dry Docks, Submarine Pens, and Fueling Depots, which are considered additional parts of the Naval Bases which they must work in conjunction with, but are separate bombing targets.

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