National Advantages and House Rules: Global 1940

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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National Advantages and House Rules: Global 1940

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So Ive been playing Axis and Allies since my mother picked up A&A Classic up for me when i was 13. Im almost 30 now and im still in love with this game. Recently I purchased the 1940 Europe and Pacific versions and have been playing some Global 8+ hr games with my friends and colleagues. After a few games we started making some house rules and tweaking the set up. I recently got the idea to add National Advantages to the game but i wanted to create them from scratch. I did eventually take some of them from the old National Advantages in previous AA games. After using them for a few games Ive re tweaked them and I feel they make the game much more dynamic. I would love feed back from you guys.

A bit of info on what you will see- the (#) designates what turn the advantage becomes available. so (1) is available on 1st turn while (2) is available on 2nd turn. You can choose backwards and get a previous turn bonus ie choosing a (1) or (2) on 3rd turn. You choose only 1 Advantage per turn
Ive done a bit of research and most of these advantages are directly tied to actual events from the war. Ive also sorted them chronologically by treating turn 1 as 1940, turn 2 as 1941, ect. So (1) events are usually based on events that occurred in 1940, and (2) are based on 1941 events...and so on
These rules were made for the 1940 Global game in mind but can be tweaked to fit other games i suppose. The British in particular will need changing. Ive treated the UK as a single entity so their advantages are mixed with both Pacific and European bonuses. The British player will need to choose carefully which theatre needs the advantage the most.

In terms of order of play, Choosing the advantage is the first phase of turn, before purchasing.

Axis: Germany

(1) Belgian/Dutch/French Stockpiles – Gain additional 10ipc to purchase units with during turn. This does not affect the National Income slider (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Blitzkreig – Until end of turn tanks attack on roll of “4” or less during first round of combat (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Nazi Scientists – Gain 1 free technology die roll for each victory city under German control (One Turn Bonus)
(2)Unrestricted Submarine Warfare- Submarines now cost 5 ipcs (Permanent Bonus)
(2)Rommels Afrika Corp- Remove up to 2 infantry and 1 tank from Europe and place them in Libya. These troops may not attack or move this turn (One Time Effect)
(3)MG 42 Machine Gun- On any defense involving German infantry, German player may place 1 infantry to defend on a roll of “3” or less (Permanent Bonus)
(3)Panzergrenadiers – Tanks bring Mechanized infantry up to attack on roll of “2” or less in along with Artillery. If paired with “Improved Mechanized Infantry” the bonus is increased to “3” or less. (Permanent Bonus)
(4)Tiger Tank – During any battle involving three or more German tanks, the German player may designate a single tank as a tiger tank. This tank attacks and defends on a roll of “4” or less and requires 2 hits to kill. When the tank is damaged, reduce the attack and defense to a roll of “1”. If the tank survives combat, the unit is placed back on the board as a normal tank (Permanent Bonus)

(1) Triumphal Arch – Add 3 Free Infantry to your purchased units for the turn. If Italy controls an allied victory city, add an additional 2 Infantry (5 total) (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Fleet-in-Being – Until beginning of next turn: Italian warships may not engage enemy Cruisers, Battleships, or Carriers. Italian Cruisers require 2 hits to sink. If a cruiser is damaged during turn it will remain damaged until Fleet-in-Being’s effect ends (One Turn Bonus)
(1) African Resources – Italy gains an additional 1 ipc for each African territory owned with an income value. This income is be used to purchase units during turn. This does not affect the National Income slider (One Turn Bonus)
(2) Colonial Administration – Pay 3 ipc to increase National Income value by 2 (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Balkan Expansion – Italian Infantry attacks on a roll of “2” or less during the first round of any combat in Yugoslavia, Greece, or Albania. If either Greece or Yugoslavia is under German control at the time this advantage is chosen, the German player may choose to transfer control of either of these provinces to Italy. (One Turn Bonus)
(3) Industry Mobilization –Upgrade the Minor Industrial Complex in Southern Italy to a Major Industrial Complex. The upgrade takes place immediately. Units purchased this turn may be placed there as if it began the turn as a Major IC (Permanent Bonus)
(3) African Irregulars – During the place new units phase, Italy may place 1 purchased Infantry per turn in any African territory that has an income value and that it controlled at the start of its turn (Permanent Bonus)
(4) Glory of Rome – Any battle land or sea that takes place within 2 zones of Rome, ignore the first hit of each round that would cause an Italian casualty (Permanent Bonus)

(1) Chinese Puppet Government- On any attack or defense on Shantung, Kiangsu, Kwangsi and/or Kiangsi, the Japanese player may place 1 free Infantry unit in the battle. This unit may be used as a casualty and is to be removed after combat is over. This unit may not be used to conquer a territory (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Decisive Battle Doctrine – Cost of Battleships reduced by 2 (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Korean/Japanese Transport Line – During the non-combat move portion of the Japanese turn, they may move 1 land unit going in either direction between Korea and Japan. This effect ends if there is an enemy warship in seazone 6 (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Tokyo Express - Destroyers may transport a single Infantry unit following the same rules as normal Transports. If engaged in combat the destroyer may participate in battle. If it does the destroyer may not conduct amphibious assaults during turn; however the destroyer may still choose to unload its cargo during the non-combat movement phase (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Banzai Attack – Until end of turn Japanese Infantry attack on a roll of “2” or less (One Turn Bonus)
(3) Japanese Zero –At start of combat roll a die for each Japanese fighter in combat. For each “1” the opposing force must move an aircraft to the casualty line. This unit receives a casualty roll (Permanent Bonus)
(3) For the Emperor – At end of turn: Place 1 free Infantry unit in Japan for each ANZAC, British, and/or American territory with an income value that you control (One Turn Bonus)
(4) Island Warfare – Japanese Infantry on Pacific Islands including Japan (Any island located on the A/A Pacific board) defend on a roll of “3” (Permanent Bonus)

Allies: Soviet Union
(1) Militia Army – USSR may place up to 2 purchased infantry per turn (1 per territory) in any red territory without an Industrial Complex that it has controlled since beginning of its turn (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Conscripts – Place 1 additional Infantry in Russia at the beginning of every turn. This unit may not attack or move this turn. (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Sino-Soviet Aid – Transfer 2 IPCs from Russian National Income to China. This effect may be cancelled at the beginning of any Russian turn (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Scorched Earth – Industrial Complexes, Airbases, and Navalbases are fully damaged upon capture by an enemy (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Not One Step Back – Until end of turn: Russian player may choose to retreat 1 unit per turn when defending in a Red territory. Retreating unit is chosen after first round of combat (One Turn Bonus)
(3) T-34 Tank – Cost of Tanks reduced by 2. Each subsequent tank produced during the turn increases the cost by 1 ipc back to the normal value of 6 ipc. (Ex purchasing 4 tanks would cost 21 IPCs. 4+5+6+6) (Permanent Bonus)
(3) Russian Winter – Russian Forces may not attack this turn. German player must remove from play 4 infantry and 2 non-infantry land units from Red territories (One Turn Bonus)
(4) For the Motherland – When attacking any Red territory: Russian player may place up to 3 Infantry to attack on a roll of “2”. (These are in addition to any boosted by artillery) (Permanent Bonus)

Great Britain
(1) Call to Arms –Place 2 free infantry in either Calcutta or United Kingdom, and 1 free Infantry in Egypt, S. Africa, or Malaya. These units may not attack or move this turn. (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Fight them on the Beaches – Until beginning of your next turn: Infantry on territories containing victory cities defend on a roll of “3” or less (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Merchant Marine Fleet – reduce National income value by 2. Gain 1 free transport to be placed for immediate use in either Seazone 109, 119, or 39. May not be placed in zone if enemy warships are present (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Destroyers for Bases – Until end of turn: With American agreement you may exchange American Destroyers in the Atlantic into British Destroyers at the cost of permanently reducing British European National Income by 1 for each destroyer. This unit may not move or attack until the next turn. The USA player does not receive any additional ipc or national income value. (One Turn Bonus)
(2) Jungle Cover– At the start of any defense involving Malaya, Shan State, or Burma: the British player may retreat 1 Infantry unit to a neighboring friendly province not involved in combat (Permanent Bonus)
(3) QF 25-pounder – British Artillery in Africa defend on a roll of “3” (Permanent Bonus)
(3) Asian Focus- Permanently exchange 3 European British ipcs for 3 Pacific British ipcs (Permanent Bonus)
(4) Coordinated Attacks- British player may designate up to 4 British land and/or air units to be used be used by the USA during its turn. USA may move, transport, or attack with the designated British troops as if they were their own. These units may not attack or move during the British players next turn. If foreign territory was conquered using only these troops, the territory will be under British control. (Ex. USA attacks Normany using 4 British forces along with 4 Infantry of his own. If at end of battle the British Forces are the only ones left alive, then Normandy will be under British control. (Permanent Bonus)

(1) Selective Service Act – At the beginning of each turn: USA adds 1 free infantry to their purchased units. Each subsequent turn the amount of free infantry is increased by 1. Declaration of war involving the US ends this effect. If this advantage is chosen after war is declared, add 2 free Infantry to purchased units (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Automobile Industry – During Purchase units phase: USA can pay 2 ipc to upgrade existing infantry to Mechanized Infantry. This unit is immediately upgraded and available for use (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Carrier Doctrine – Cost of Carriers and Aircraft built to be placed on the Carrier are reduced by 1 ipc each (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Heavy Research Development- Research development costs are reduced by 1 ipc (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Lucky Patrol – Until beginning of turn your next turn: USA player may choose to retreat 1 naval unit out of combat before attack rolls are taken (One Turn Bonus)
(3) Send in the Marines – Infantry involved in amphibious assaults attack on a roll of “2” during the first round of combat (Permanent Bonus)
(3) B-17 Flying Fortress – Strategic Bombers reduce the hit value of Antiaircraft firing on them by 1. (Ex. If an AA gun hits on a “1” then the AA could no longer hit the B-17. If the AA hits on a “2” then it would be reduced and require a roll of “1” to hit.) This does not affect the Japanese Zero advantage. Other aircraft can still be hit normally by AA fire (Permanent Bonus)
(4) Sleeping Giant – At the end of each turn increase the National Income Value of USA by 2 up to a max of 10. This effect also ends if Western, Eastern, or Central US is lost (Permanent Bonus)

(1) Volunteers to the Fight – Place 1 Free Infantry in New South Wales and 1 Free Infantry in New Zealand (One Turn Bonus)
(1) Royal Australian Navy - Transports and Destroyers cost 1 less to build (Permanent Bonus)
(1) Scrap Iron Flotilla- Place 1 Free Destroyer in Seazone 98 or 81 (One Turn Bonus)
(2) Merchant Transports – ANZAC Player may move 1 infantry unit per turn from Queensland to a friendly controlled New Guinea, Solomon, or New Britain for 1 ipc during the purchase units phase. There must be no enemy warships in any of the seazones involved. These units may not move or attack this turn. (Permanent Bonus)
(2) Mediterranean War – Until beginning of next turn: Australian forces in the Mediterranean may be used by the British player as if they were his own. Any unit used in this way may not be used again during the ANZAC players next turn( follows same rules as the British “Coordinated Attacks” advantage) (One Turn Bonus)
(3) Island Buffers – Gain 1 ipc for each original British, Dutch, and ANZAC Pacific island that has at least 1 ANZAC land unit defending it. (One Turn Bonus)
(3) British Navy Redeployment – Pay 3 ipcs: remove 1 European British Cruiser from play and place 1 ANZAC Cruiser in any seazone bordering Australia. This unit may not attack or move this turn. (Permanent Bonus)
(4) Supporting Role – When involved in a multinational attack or defense: the ANZAC player may choose 1 unit he controls in the battle. That unit rolls 2 dice and will use the lesser of the two rolls (Permanent Bonus)

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