Forced Armistice Rule for G40/G42

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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Forced Armistice Rule for G40/G42

Post by questioneer » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:46 pm

Forced Armistice Rule (Atom Bomb Rule) for G40/G42- meant to be played along with “tech token” rule from AA50

1. Starting at the beginning of round 12, each side rolls a pair of dice simultaneously known as the “Forced Armistice Roll”. This is a free roll at the beginning of each round starting with round 12. Each side will try to score doubles for a success.

2. If both got doubles they negate each other and teams play on, if only one got doubles, the other side can spend $5 per reroll or spend $30 flat rate to match it and negate it. Any leftover tech tokens can go toward either payment or a power can “dismantle” a tech and forward payment that way. ($5 for either method). You CAN collaborate powers for combined/shared payment.

3. If after this, only one side remains with a successful roll then that current round will be the last round. If a VC victory if not achieved by the opposing side, the side with the successful armistice roll will force an armistice and a win.

Just my version to share, I used round 12 as a base b/c I believe that 12 rounds is the minimum number of rounds for each side to really get established and possibly win the game by then- just seems fair to me. I suppose this can be played without using tech or tech tokens in the game, but hey, if your using this house rule you might as well have tech in there as well- might as well make it wild and fun. Obviously, the teams need to consider this rule if they are bidding also, which I do. Enjoy! :-D

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