Mixing Dice

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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Pete E
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Mixing Dice

Post by Pete E » Mon May 15, 2017 4:04 pm

Here's a House Rule that might be used under certain circumstances. It's the idea of mixing D6 and D12 during a battle. The best illustration can probably be seen in Larry's D-Day. For those familiar with the battle of D-Day, the GI landing on Omaha Beach was clearly more lethal than the other landings that took place. And let me stop and say I'm not trying to diminish or take away anything from those brave Americans and Allies that faced danger, fought and died on the remaining Normandy beaches.

To translate this difference in a game situation, it might be fun to change the dynamics (dice rolls) landing on Omaha compared to the rest. Using infantry only as an example, the Americans landing on Omaha may initially roll a D12 and score a hit with a roll of 1, while those landing on the other beaches use the normal OOB rule and score hits with a D6 roll of 1. And perhaps, the German infantry on Omaha defend with D12 rolls of 5 or less during the initial landing instead of OOB D6 rolls of 2 or less. Dice rolls on the second round of battle on Omaha, if there is a second battle, could return to OOB rules or, until the Americans secure a foothold, the D12 rolls continue.

The same mixing of dice could be used as well on any other of the beach battles. The combinations may vary depending on what turn it is or the level of battle desired. That's the beauty of House Rules!

These changes slightly alter the balance of power, but seem to reflect the intensity of Omaha versus the other landings in this D-Day example. Maybe mixing dice can also be applied to amphibious landings in other A&A games as well. Keep your imagination flowing and Happy Gaming.

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Re: Mixing Dice

Post by nexus73 » Tue May 16, 2017 12:08 pm

Sounds like a good idea to me! Being able to get finer gradients of percentages means using more kinds of dice. Why not tune the game to one's preference?

On a further note, one can also amplify or diminish costs of units while adjusting their capabilities. 2 hit BB's at 24 makes a 1 hit BC at 18 and a 3-hit superdreadnaught at 30 seem in scale as an example. I used Stukas to represent dive bombers in the Anniversary game. They cost 8 and hit at 3 (one shot deal) while having a defense of 1 and a movement of 2. Larry established a pretty good baseline for the units in A&A so making some adjustments that stay close to his cost/benefit ratio is easy.

Bad dice happen. Blame the Russians...LOL!

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