Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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Post by TheWalrus » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:45 pm

This is regarding the Spring 1942 edition...

The past few games I've played, it seems like battleships are really powerful. My group has made a rule that if the ship is damaged, it is put back on the board on it's side to signify that it is damaged. In order to fix this, we must pay two IPC's to the bank during the "Purchase Units" phase. It adds more of a strategic play to the game and doesn't make the ships overpowered.

Give it a try! You may like it.

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Re: Battleships

Post by dirk2243 » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:08 pm

We do something similar. We roll a d6 to find out how much that ship will cost to repair and before it can be "rolled back over" as in repaired it has to spend one full turn adjacent to a friendly factory.

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