My Map - Less Distortion in Proportion but Original Topology

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Post by Flashman » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:07 pm

If I put THREE Rio de Oros on my map do I get a hats off?

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Post by Larry » Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:05 pm

I must say... IL's maps are perhaps the best I've seen. Stunning...

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Post by middleware » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:19 am

Thank you all very much for interested in my map.

Firstly I have to forward your hats off to Christoph Baron with my own appreciation to his great work.

Christoph's map is very good and I personally do not see major defect by its own. Just for my own favorite and objective I decided to revise the map.

The following objective I set:

1. The map should work with OOB rules or LHTR.
2. The map should has no apparent distortion.
3. Minor distortion is acceptable, especially when the revision effort is too big. (My lazy :D)
4. The extra details in the original map will be retained as long as not confusing players adopt OOB rules or LHTR.

Therefore the following major revisions I made:

1. The division of sea zone is almost completely erased and reworked to match OOB topology.

2. The terrior is revised to match OOB topology. But thanks to the similarity between Christoph's map and OOB map, the revision is mainly merge spaces or change space color. But some border in Christoph's map have real historical and geographical meaning, so I deciede to retain them all but just change them to dashed line. For example, the border between Norway and Farland, the border between German occupied French and Vichy French, the border of Germany (without east Prussia). Of course not all dushed line is accurate from the historical and geograhpical perspective, but just to save effort I change them all.

3. Relocate Midway island and add wake island.

4. Reshape China and Korea, as well as the neibouring far east USSR coast, which was a too apparent distortion.

5. Relocate the border of Alaska.

So the map still has distortion and not pursue ultimate accuracy. For example, the Europe is still slightly bigger than reality if you put a Google map on it. But just side-by-side comparsion, usually no one be conscious of that.

My friends play on my map for several times. The map works fine and my friends like it. Some of them complain Europe is too small while the other place waste too much space, but still acceptable. Most friends and myself are happy that we have a much better feeling about the war time state. Just another flavor of game experience. :D

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Post by Imperious leader » Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:35 pm

I would too say that your Europe is small. How large is the map you have in the picture?

Your philosophy is what i considered to do on AARHE but i figured it was too radical a change and would detract from its popularity. I admire the fact that you or somebody made an accurate looking map.

I would have your IPC values inside circles. for some reason it seems easier to count.

also, you might try to make the black lines for the land territories a white line which would kinda reduce the rough edges of the brush your using. I am quite sure you can globally replace the entire map lines with white. I also think if possible you would really like to have 'round dots' rather than the solid line.

Try it out i think you'll like it even better.
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