Operation Avalanche

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Operation Avalanche

Post by SithlordRPGA » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:33 am


Interesting read. My grandfather was part of the invasion force and told me many personal stories about the invasion. It's amazing they got anything done at all during this invasion. Not to mention the poor planning from the stories my grandfather shared it was a full moon and to make matters worse they replaced his M-1 with a bazooka he didn't know how to use.

The person loading his shells didn't know to pull the pin so he was in effect firing duds and each time he fired he alerted the Germans to his postion. (He was trying to take out a pill box). Finally after the 3rd shell fired this way he figured out what was wrong and managed to take out the pill box.

He never really talked about battles much and never talked about killing anyone but he did talk about this invasion and what it was like for him and the few survivers with him making there way across the country side after storming the beach. He tells a funny story about how they where out at night and kept hearing a bell noise and all his buddys wanted him to blow the noise up with his bazooka. He said no because it would make to much noise and he wanted to wait until he could see what it was. Well the clouds cleared and it turns out it was a cow.

My grandfather faught in both Africa and Europe and received a bronze star. Years later he was in Texas on vacation and did something wrong and got pulled over by a state trooper. MY grandfather mentioned he was part of the 36th Infantry during the war and the state trooper told him that still ment something in Texas, thanked him for his service and let him go.

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Re: Operation Avalanche

Post by Larry » Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:14 pm

Great story that only your grandfather could tell and men like him!
I think that the 36th Infantry still means something here in Massachusetts as well.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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