Question dealing with setup for navies of USA and Japan

Axis & Allies Revised by Avalon Hill. Released in 2004.
Axis & Allies is a classic game of war, economics, and global strategy. Victory goes not only to the team that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory.
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Post by Admiral_Thrawn » Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:21 pm

Axis Roll, I know why people don't fight in Pacific but, I am saying that game does not represent how and why the war was fought in the Pacific.

Adding Victory Cities would help.
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Post by FleetAdmiral » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:50 pm

axis_roll wrote:
Admiral_Thrawn wrote:AAR does not represent the battle in the Pacific at all. Nothing about it is like the real war. It's the stupid America abandons it to attack Germany and Japan abandons it to attack Russia. Thats why I like AAP and AAE better than Revised(with a few house rules of course!).
This is because there is no reason to fight the pacific war for America and minimal rewards for the Japanese (some island dollars).

No incentive = no battles in that theatre.

One way to add a Pacific war is to make Hawaii and/or Sydney victory cities.
I agree with adding a victory city in those areas. From my experience, usually the Japan and US Fleets do not engage each other - rather they engage detached units. Both fleets grow in size yet both refuse to engage each other due to the fear of the outcome of a Decisive Battle. Only once as Japan was I forced to fight a Decisive Battle - in that case I had no option as the US had amassed a massive air armada and tranport fleet (2 bombers and 13 fighters in the Pacific).

The US needs a better incentive to attack Japan's island holdings. Instead of trying to use its fleet to pin the IJN to Japan. The one solution I came up with is a New NA - Philippines Gate House - the Philippines must be seized before Japan can be invaded.
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