Majority, Minor, Moderate Victories

Axis & Allies Revised by Avalon Hill. Released in 2004.
Axis & Allies is a classic game of war, economics, and global strategy. Victory goes not only to the team that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory.
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Majority, Minor, Moderate Victories

Post by obiwanjohn » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:29 am

Under the LHTR 2.0 you have an options for 9 (Moderate) or 12 (Total) victories.

However, I had a new idea with regard to tournament play. It works like this:

You play a maximum of 10 to 12 rounds. You earn points based on how decisive your victory is. Major & Total Victory options are not used. This helps prevent games going on to infinity. Perfect for Tournament play.

12 Victory Cities = Total Victory - Not Used
10 Victory Cities = Major Victory - Not Used
9 Victory Cities = Moderate Victory - 4 Points
8 Victory Cities = Minor Victory - 3 Points
7 Victory Cities = Majority Victory - 2 Points
6 Victory Cities = Stalemate - 1 Point

After 10 to 12 rounds of play, I feel the Allies have had sufficient time to capture back the weak targets of Lenningrad & Calcutta. In addition, by this time, the US and Great Britain have enough resources to attack Germany's victory cities and be successful.

Thus, I feel this point system is a good way of keeping score and breaking ties for tournament or at home play. It also caps the length of play; which is crucial for tournament play.


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