Impression of Revised

Axis & Allies Revised by Avalon Hill. Released in 2004.
Axis & Allies is a classic game of war, economics, and global strategy. Victory goes not only to the team that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory.
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Impression of Revised

Post by RadRussian » Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:22 pm

I wish to give my opinion on A&A revised. I´ve played the classic version 20+ years, revised on triple A a few months and just recently purchased a board copy version of revised for face to face play so my opinions may be wrong, but this is what I see a few run throughs.

The break up of the Eastern Front into several more spaces is very good. With the addition of Artillery and tanks defending at 3 it is very, very good. No more stacks of 30+ Infantry and Infantry push mechanics. If there is I still haven´t seen it develope in a game.

Not to mention the new industry rules and etc. The Eastern Front feels right and plays right in my opinion now.

Much more interesting and dynamic gameplay. This is the high water mark for revised for me.

The standout bad for me in revised is still the Pacific theatre. The tried and true strategy of industries on the mainland pumping out tanks
heading to Moscow still works.

I do it, the people I play against face to face do it as well as the good players online. It works. The problem is, it shouldn´t, or in the least
should not be the obvious best choice by far. I was hoping the Pacific Ocean would be a much more busier place with the game having a genuine 2 theatre feel.

No Italy.

No China.

The good thing is having looked at the Limited 50th edition briefly through triple A it appears much of what I didn´t like in revised was fixed.

The bad thing ¨Limited¨ edition. If this is the definative Axis and Allies why is it ¨Limited¨?

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Post by Larry » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:09 pm

RadRussian - Thanks for your constructive input. Frankly, there is not much in your comments that I disagree with. Each new version of A&A is hopefully better due comments like yours and also the publishers ability to make bigger and better games.


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