A&A 2004 A.H. Revised edition

Axis & Allies Revised by Avalon Hill. Released in 2004.
Axis & Allies is a classic game of war, economics, and global strategy. Victory goes not only to the team that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory.
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Post by adlertag » Sun Feb 20, 2005 4:42 pm


After more playtesting of this system, my conclusion is:

*Keep the old artillery, but let it defend on 3 or less. (Inf still def. on 2)
This unit can still boost up one matching inf. in attack.

*Heavy Artillery become a new plastic piece unit.
It can barrage every infantry and artillery units in adjacent territory with roll of 1 as succes, the AA-gun style.

But Heavy Artillery can only barrage adjacent territory in its players turn.
If a territory with Heavy Artillery units are attacked, then it can barrage the attacking inf. and art. units in a opening fire phase.

Your new increasing cost system plays well, except Sovjet must have cheaper infantry.
Your new movement system also are very close to reality.

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Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence

Post by Griffey » Sun Feb 20, 2005 10:15 pm

Dear Adlertag,

Thanks for your response.

To answer to your questions, as I play the Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence :

A firing unit can pick as its target any unit on the same, or on a lower line of the Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence. AAA of course can only hit enemy aircraft in the first cycle and are a special case.

If a friendly unit fires at, and HITS an enemy unit on the SAME LINE of the Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence, the enemy unit CAN fire before it is eliminated.

If a friendly unit fires at, and HITS an enemy unit on a LOWER LINE of the Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence, the enemy unit CANNOT fire and is removed immediately from play.

The only restrictions on which type of enemy unit a friendly unit may target are 1) that a friendly unit may not target an enemy unit which fires EARLIER in the sequence, until all other enemy units have been eliminated, 2) artillery and AAA may not be targeted and may not defend the territory. When they are the only type of defender left, they are eliminated and the attacker has conquerd the territory.

DEFENDER as well as attacker may retreat after any cycle of combat. Defender may retreat his AAA and artillery, as well as other units.

Pursuit fire: units, whether defenders or attackers, may take a free unanswered shot at reteating enemy units which fire later in the Blitzkrieg Combat Sequence. Retreating units may not fire. They are eliminated without a chance to fire if they are hit. The retreating player picks the units hit. The retreating power may pick retreating AAA and artillery as losses.

Example: a defender retreats a stack of infantry and artillery. Attacker's aircraft and tanks may take one free unsanwered shot at the retreating infantry.

If there is no other defending unit left but artillery and AAA, the attacker takes the territory and destroys the artillery and AAA. Idea: if outgunned, retreat with your artillery and AAA while there is time.
Your idea of two types of artillery is interesting and quite realistic. I just worry about too many types of units making the game too hairy and difficult. "Artillery." to me, represents mainly but not just guns; also, it represents all the ammo of various caliber which can be hurled.

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Post by adlertag » Thu Aug 11, 2005 4:27 pm


Artillery unit cost 12 and roll one dice against each matching enemy infantry both in attack and defence, each 1 is hit.

German tanks cost 8, att. on 4 and def. on 4 + PanzerBlitz NA.
USSR/USA/UK tanks cost 6, att on 3 and def on 3.
Japan + Italian tanks cost 5, att on 3 and def on 2.

German infantry cost 5, att on 2 and def on 3
UK+US infantry cost 4, att on 1 and def on 3
USSR/Jap/Italy infantry cost 3, att on 1 and def on 2

This makes sence, since German units was very expensive and combat effective, while other units was counting on quantity.

Allied bombers cost 20, roll 2 dices on 3 or less in attack.
Axis bombers cost 15, roll 1 die on 4 or less in attack.

This makes sences since Allied bombers had 4 engines and was heavy, and Axis bombers had 2 engines and was more accurate. Just take a look at your plastic piece.


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"Counting On Quantity"

Post by DonMoody » Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:23 am

"This makes sence, since German units was very expensive and combat effective, while other units was counting on quantity."

Western Allies units were not counting on quantity - at least, not quantity of men.

Western Allied forces were high quality equipment with massive logisitical and air support.

Quality of their equipment and support was much more a factor in their combat effectiveness than quantity of forces.

Of course, this was because the US had the economic might to provide such massive air and logisitical support (e.g. at the end of the war, the US economy was more than 50% of the entire world's GDP).


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Post by Sabre Von Manteuffel » Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:28 pm


I like some of your arguments, but it does "comlpicate" things for a game as abstract and simple as A&A (as Moody I believe once argued). I have owned and played A&A since 1985, but with the computer industry mass-producing the 1st person WW2 shooters (like USSR buying INF) and my actually having family and a job now, my chances to play have significantly decreased and my opponents level or even "know-how" has dropped to a point where I explain the "Axis have no chance to win" strategy, and then I play the Axis.

With that said, I did war game some of my own ideas that just slightly modified the original rules (posted elsewhere if interested).

But, on the topic of production, I completely follow your concept of increasing the price for each of the same unit---but think it can be done differently.

Take the "worth" of the country, say Germany at 10. So the first half (5)..on countries worth "3" go to 2...of those INF purchases are still "3", and then increase +1 after the 5 mark. That takes care of Males 16-70 pool during production.

ARM, ARTY: I like a standard +1 for each, but maxing out at the half mark (like Germany proper could only place 5 ARM total regardless of the money it has to spend)...and it stops the Japan Tank-Factories all over Asia if they can only put 2 tanks in a "3" country and 1 in a "2" country.

Aircraft and Navy: I think all countries (not IC, actual country) should be limited to 2 total considering the resources these items took and the limiited resources they all had to build these "luxuries" after '42....save America. America should be a 3+ rule. First 3, no change...then that piece + 1/2 its worth.

These are some Production Rules I would also like to wargame next time I find a player here that is more on the level than "out of the box."

--However, just one more idea that I have in fact wargamed a few times that made the Barbarossa conflict much more exciting and allowed for other options for both players:

USSR INFANTRY: They had tons of men, but very little training or equipment to go around. So...

Russian Infantry cost 1 IPC. Yep, 1. But, they defend at a 1...period...no winter, no dug-in, nothing. And, they attack at a 1/2. That is, USSR INF must attack in pairs...two equaling a role of "1". So, the Mathletes, get pencils out and make some X/Y graphs and stuff, and say, even at 1IPC there's no way, they will get killed....exactly what my friend said...until:

Well, (provided there's no Pruduction Costs changes as just discussed) now you allow for something other than the typical :I'll take 8 grunts please" purchase. For 18 IPCs you get 18 INF, so that is 18 "1"s on DEF as opposed to 6 "3"s that you used to have...but, it is also 9 "1"s on ATTK vs. 6 "1"s...and you have 6 more dollars to buy a T-34, or Arty, or buy less INF and more T-34s, or even a Red Jet....

Just remember that Red Arty bumps up different too: ARTY bumps up ONE INF to a "1"...

Also, don't forget, once you go in for ATTK, less than 2 INF left after a round then you INF are reduced to what they really were...fodder for Uncle Joe to crush Germany by any means.

This made game play VERY interesting and allowed the USSR-player to mimic more realistically the MASS of Red INF mixed with combined arms.

Although as an after thought we think we need to increase USSR Arty and ARM to 5/6 or drop the Red Tanks to 2/2 attack/def.....

Let me know what you guys think.
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Post by adlertag » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:06 pm

Sorry Sabre, I dont think so

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Post by johnnymarr » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:55 am

that post is three years old, i dont think he cares anymore

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