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Re: Items for sale

Post by pellulo » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:45 am

Hi, have this game Axis & Allies Europe 1940, used it for a round xxxxx study, the game has been played allot, but, generally in good shape. The parts are:two part gameboard, top & bottom of game box(areas retaped to help prevent chafting of cardboard, no corners are split!), each nation has a parts box(except France & U.S.A. share the same box), rules for 1st. or 2nd. version you have to get on the net, dice only 2 black & 3 red(only half), gray tokens 36/60 and red 5/10 and no green, 2-D cardboard of factories worth 10 IPCs & 3 IPCs total 14/22, A.A. guns 6/12, air base 10/14, sea base 10/16, roundels of nations all have eight(except France has five).

Plastic parts list: Germany 20/40 infantry, 4/8 guns, mech. infantry 4/8, tanks 5/12, fighters 4/8, Tactical Bomber 3/6, bombers 2/4, aircraft carrier 1/2, battleship 1/2, cruiser 2/4, transports 3/6, destroyers 3/6, &, submarines 3/6.

Italy 10 infantry, 4 guns, 3 mech. infantry, 6 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 3 bombers(one bomber from another A&A game), A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.(two were painted black)

U.S.S.R. 20 infantry, 4 guns, 5 mech. infantry, 5 tanks, 5 fighters(one fighter from another A&A game), 5 T.B., 2 bombers(one from another A&A game), A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 1, &, two of transports, DD, &, subs.

U.S.A. 20 infantry(10 are generic HO green soldiers), 3 guns, 7 mech. infantry, 3 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 2 bombers, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.

British Empire 20 infantry(ten troops from another A&A game), 3 guns, 6 mech. infantry, 4 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 2 bombers, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.

French Empire 15 infantry(five are generic HO size troops), 4 guns, 3 mech. infantry, 5 tanks, 4 fighters, T.B. 3, bomber 1, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2(one from another A & A game), &, two of transports, DD, &, subs.

Finally Casualty Zone Strip, Attak/Defense Board(with copy of combine arms taped behind it), and, National Production(IPCs Chart).

This used set can be played with the plastic miniatures included, you need to use the chips to supplement your forces, all sales Final, sold AS IS. P&H is USPS Parcel Post flat $17.50 for only lower 48 states & P.R. & V.I. Contact for price, thanks

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Re: Items for sale

Post by blacklodge » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:21 am

Is it a possibility of a Disney tie in, for the remake of Broadsides & Boarding Parties Game!? Definitely gotta get that Johnny Depp Captain Figure, thanks, Pellulo
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Re: Items for sale

Post by blacklodge » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:37 pm

Hi, this for Axis and Allies 1914 game, played numerous times, but, treated gently, and, still in good shape. Used for a review of different powers versus another set of different powers. This game includes seven European Empires and U.S.A. Republic for W.W.I, 1914-18.

The game included:
W.W.I unpunched roundels of all powers 11/15,
Box that holds 50 light blue chips and 10 dark blue chips, &, 50 light red and dark red 20,
Eight sets of different armed forces, with miniatures for 12 Infantry, 10 cannons, 4 tanks, 4 fighters, 6 transports, 4 submarines, 5 cruisers, and, 4 Battleships. Only the Infantry minis are different from the other Infantry minis. Note: British have only 3 subs., and, Russia short a gun,
Nationality parts box for A.H. Empire, Russia, Germany, France, British Empire, Ottoman Empire, Italian Empire, and, U.S. Republic,
Red, and, two black and white dice,
Instruction booklet fair shape,

Unofficial parts of up to fiftheen 2-D Guild of Blades generic infantry, cannons, fighters, transports, destroyers(used as Cruisers), and, Battleships(along with rounders from old Axis & Allies Games). Many of the 2-D cardboard are taped over & initial of what nation they belong too. Also with two picture rondels of Cruisers.

Also Battleship the Game ships & subs., Axis & Allies W.W. II tanks, guns, infantry, fighters, submarine, transports, (from old A&A Games), 1/72 scale generic infantry, chips that are red and white.

Game sold whole or in parts, thanks, Pellulo

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