new axis and allies game ideas

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new axis and allies game ideas

Postby luckyron1 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:42 pm

Hi, luckyron1 here; I like all the A and A games. My figures are all painted, which gives the game a more realistic look. I guess also I paint them because I also collect and paint flames of war. I have a 10 ft. x 6 ft. games board. landscaped, buildings, and hundreds of figures and vehicles. to my point of game ideas Larry Harris. When playing A. and A. I find that your strengh is really in your Navy, and lots of bombers and aircraft. I would like to see a new axis and allies game. (Okinawa) one of the most bloodiest battles of W.W.2. And (Iwo Jima). I would love to see your designers come up with this one. (I would buy it in a second). Making a mountain for japan, on a flat board, with tunnels in the mountains, gun emplacements, machine gun nests, etc.. Also you would have to create a new item, landing crafts for the Marines. just saying 10 Marines per craft would be cool!!! Remembering that the beaches have all been presighted. Like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan said "There are 2 kinds of men on this beach, the ones that are dead and those who are going to die." ( Get off this BEACH!!) Also, The Philipines, battle of Layte Gulf. (Nimitz???) Worked out for him though,destroyed a very large Japanese Task Force. And Curtis Lamay (what a guy) That's why I like building a Navy and the Army Air Corp. in my Axis and Allies Battles. Thanks Larry or the Designer Team for your time, and players submit Ideas and thoughts( if you do read this) throw me an email. P.S. Do mention A. and A. or I will trash it. I don't open unknown e-mails.

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