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Account administration

Post by Bryant » Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:13 am

I've read the posts that have been placed on this forum and I've concluded that I want no part of the immature conduct on your forum. I could not figure out how to close my account, so I am asking if someone could tell me how. It is unfortunate that you let people like IL and questioneer to continue to post on your forum. Their posts on your forum detract from what was meant to be an arena for free thought on a great series of games. Maybe you should consider having someone to moderate this forum. Until then please help me close my account.

Don't see that you even have an account. Your record shows 2 postings - one of which is a request to close your account. Consider it closed if you like (but don't think it was ever opened - thus the request for approval to log in) . I understand your reasons for leaving - sometimes these discussion get really childish and benefit no one. At the same time this is not the sort of site that will spend a lot of time and effort policing the behavior of its subscribers... that's mostly up to them. Hey Q and IL... knock it off will ya. Look at what you're doing here.
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