house rule - air defense

Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhein) was the German code name for this counter offensive. I don't want to hear anybody complaining about the weather this winter unless you were in the Ardennes during the winter of 1944! I simply love playing this game. Check out the new combat system when you can.
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house rule - air defense

Post by adpac740 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:25 pm

I had recently purchased this game and son and I are loving it. From initial experience, it definitely favors the Allies but as such it makes for historically accuracy. To lend a bit toward the game (translated - a more pleasurable experience for Germany side), we opted a house rule concerning defense against air assaults. After all, once the air phase commences, that 3:1 ratio of incoming Allied air support wreaks havoc on German progress. That said we incorporated a couple bonuses for the defender during this phase and these are:

+1 die for having any number of AA units in the hex. Thus accounting for AA capability AND
+1 die for having more than half the 12 maximum allowed in a hex ( ie. more than 6). This accounts for the added
firepower from having greater numbers.

Example: If you have 4 infantry, 2 tanks and 3 AA units in a hex, you would defend with 5 dice instead of 3. One for each unit type (infantry, tank and AA) as per standard rule, +1 die for the AA capability and another +1 die for having more than 6 individual models in the hex (in this case 9 which is more half of the allotted 12).

This method did help Germany during the air combat phases but only in certain engagements when criteria were met. Never the less, it was an added benefit that was not overwhelming change. It did impact tactical decisions accordingly which was a slight change for the better.

I'm open to feedback on this and additional recommendations and opinions. Perhaps others have tried various house rules that I wouldn't mind trying out as well. Of note, this was an early attempt to account for certain things and it certainly added a different, yet positive, experience to the overall gameplay. Again, historical accuracy aside, my son and I are hoping the win loss ratio can be brought closer to 50/50 over time but we'll see. We've only had a handful of games in and are really enjoying how it plays overall. Its definitely a challenge (in a good way) to see if Germany can pull off a win (at some point).

As it stands after four games: Allies 4, Germany 0

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Re: house rule - air defense

Post by Krieghund » Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:27 am

Glad you're enjoying the game. It's one of my favorites. I assume you've found the FAQ?

We've found it to be pretty well balanced, and have never found a need to use any house rules. The Allies do indeed gain a significant advantage once the skies clear, so Germany needs to make as much progress as it can before that point. It's important for Germany to capture an many supplies as possible and also to take full advantage of blitzing to block the retreat routes of Allied units and destroy as many of them as possible.
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