Axis & Allies (Revised) Deluxed

We've talked about Advanced A&A... Now I'd like to hear your comments on what YOU envision a DELUXE A&A GAME to be. What would it look like.
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Axis & Allies (Revised) Deluxed

Post by Larry » Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:03 pm

I'm interested in all the different aspects of what this game could be. The rules - Should they be modified or changed? New pieces - how many and what types. The material, the piece counts, the colors, the dice. The game board, size, colors, territories... you name it. How much could or should this sell for?

What - in your mind - would an Axis & Allies Deluxe look like.

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Post by Krieghund » Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:57 pm

Assuming we are talking about no fundamental game changes, ala the discussions on Advanced A&A:

Rules - Incorporate some or all of the changes for LHTR. The NAs will also have to be looked at, as some are pretty broken (e.g. Superfortresses).

Pieces - It would be nice if each nation got their own molds. For example, the USSR and UK should get their own artillery pieces and the UK should get its own tanks.

Piece counts - Just give Japan more tanks!

Colors - I like the original MB colors, but the Revised Japan color is also cool.

Dice - Yes.

Game board - Should be a lit larger - no marshalling markers. The color scheme of the MB version was good.

Other - Storage trays, storage trays, and possibly storage trays.

Price - $100 - $150.

Wow - I can't believe I beat IL to this! :wink:
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Post by Frimmel » Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:16 pm

I'm with Krieghund on all of that.

There would be more dice. 20 or so 5 each of four different colors.

Multiple molds would be terrific. Piece counts should be like the Revised set +15% or 25%. I think the size of the pieces is good. I don't think they need to be painted. That expense should go to-

A really big map. I have a roll up version of the Pente game. It is fabric on the back side and vinyl on the game board side. Rolls up for easy transport. I don't know at least 25% bigger than the board more like 50%.
You shouldn't need marshalling markers. You shouldn't need the battle board because the map has enough room to organize the units like you would on the battleboard.

Rule set should incorporate LHTR at least as an included option. (Don't play with NAs so can't really speak to changes there.)

Some sort of portable storage container with a logo. That splits down to the countries that split out to a tray that could go before each player and one that would have the chips (more like 12g poker chip material maybe?), ICs, AA and misc markers. It would have some sort of strap to hold the map.

I'd spend a $150 on that.

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Post by Frimmel » Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:19 pm

A nice smooth big map is very very important. No folds. The map is key. If the map isn't nice enough the rest will just be window dressing.

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Post by Sabre Von Manteuffel » Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:30 pm


Get with Franklin Mint---go Axis & Allies ala pewter pieces accented with Gold and Silver. I got the Monopoly and Civil War Chess Set, my brother has Scrabble.

Then just "10 easy payments of...." people don't really look at overall price.

The REAL fans will buy it, because its cool. :wink:

Bigger board, atop a nice oak wood or something with storage trays below it for all the money, chips, units....

Its a thought anyway...

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Post by Frimmel » Sat Feb 03, 2007 10:46 am

I've had some other thoughts on this.

It occurs to me that most folks who would want this would already have a set. This could just be a sort of pimp out your set set.

So the pieces could just augment what is already in a set. More INF of a different pose/sculpt. Bring in the Hellcats and ME109s. UK and USSR get their own RTL. Maybe some B24's. Most certainly TIGERS.

On the chips they don't need to be really heavy but they should be more substantial than the grey ones. Perhaps with a logo and additional denominations. If more than 2 denominations the chips could have their value on them. There should be enough that you don't need the grey ones.

Aircraft movement chits could be the same material and with the move number on each side.

Maybe the IPCs could be twelve gram poker chips? With logo.

A oak board with drawers underneath sounds nice but doesn't sound portable. Also it doesn't sound big enough or would be so big it has to be left up.

Gotta have a nice big portable map. Big enough to have the setup on it.

Should be under $150.

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Post by elbowsanchez » Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:56 pm

agreement with much here, and have posted images of what the units "could" look like with the delux game.

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Post by Larry » Sat Feb 03, 2007 4:06 pm

Krieghund – I agree with EVERYTHING you said, except for the piece count. That should be about 50% higher. Also… I don’t think we need any dedicated Russian ship molds (not that you suggested any). What do you think about that?

Frimmel – (hi there) 20 dice. That’s a lot… (no idea is a bad idea however). In any case they should certainly be special in some way. Perhaps an A&A logo on the “1” spot. A roll up (out) map. I was thinking about that too. Poker chip IPC’s – nice! Great comments. Thanks

Sabre Von Manteuffel – I don’t think Franklin Mint is around any more. I could be wrong. I do know exactly what you are talking about however. – Again… Thanks for your service to this country.

Elbowsanchez… I doubt that any existing units would be changed, but most likely new ones would be made. What could/would/should they be?

I want to hear from more of you, and more from you above.

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