Empty Areas

We've talked about Advanced A&A... Now I'd like to hear your comments on what YOU envision a DELUXE A&A GAME to be. What would it look like.
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Empty Areas

Post by Flashman » Tue May 15, 2007 1:35 pm

I dislike empty areas.

In Britannia I devised a "rule X" whereby it is illegal to leave an area empty of units. This rule aims to forestall the phenomenon of "running for the Hills", whereby settled nations (such as the Angles and Saxons) could "anticipate" the historical invasions of Norsemen and Danes by hiding in mountainous areas the turn before the Vikings are scheduled to arrive.

In A&A this is not a problem, but I still dislike areas of the board left unoccupied.

I would suggest then that areas not physically occupied by ground units should be declared "in anarchy" and effectively unowned. This means that nobody collects income from them, nor can they be entered as friendly territory. The first power to move ground units in gets control. This might apply when a nation surrenders, or when units wipe each other out.
Perhaps powers can be allowed to voluntarilly abandon areas when in desparate need, but they should lose all benefits of owning the territory.

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Post by master_cyan » Wed May 16, 2007 3:31 pm

this really doesn't work with the allies. novosbrisk wiill always stay loyal to russia and canada too. this should only apply to terrotories that on it).
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