AH: Guadalcanal 1992 Edition

As is the case with all long marches, they must begin with a single first step. Guadalcanal was that first step. The long march was to Tokyo and it's about to begin again. At dawn the Marines will hit the beach and secure the airfield there. If all goes well it will be renamed Henderson field. If the Americans continue to have their way eventually all tthe islands known as the Solomon Islands will be theirs. Command either the Japanese or American land, sea and ground forces and rewrite the history of this critical struggle.
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AH: Guadalcanal 1992 Edition

Post by elbowsanchez » Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:28 pm

Anyone have a chance to game this? or any comparison to the "new" entertaining AH version coming up... :?:

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Post by GROGnads » Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:02 pm

Well, I was greatly disappointed upon discovering that this "game" was nothing more than "Naval & Air" components, with nary a LAND 'Campaign' being any part for it all. Since I have played the actual 'Avalon Hill' GAME of "Guadalcanal" many times before, then I was expecting an updated version of it with that. Why they didn't call this "Battle of the Slot" or anything besides implying JUST the Naval engagements taking place around there being covered, was probably some deceptive practices being foisted on us once again. gee, that STILL works now-a-days huh? If something called "Kursk" then ONLY involved the "Air" aspects for that, then what would YOU think of such? I can't state just what you can expect from those folks who by their usual 'standards' will manage to screw UP anything that they 'taint' by their "touch", so who knows? Maybe there'll be some "rare" steaks and "uncommonly good" Keebler aspects with it eh? "Guacamole Canal Street" recipe for disaster in the making...
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Post by elbowmaster » Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:32 pm

well then, that is too bad that it does not include the land campain, you couldnt tell based on the cover details. I just picked up a mint copy that is still in the shrink wrap, so in that regard, a good deal...


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