Round Robin...

As is the case with all long marches, they must begin with a single first step. Guadalcanal was that first step. The long march was to Tokyo and it's about to begin again. At dawn the Marines will hit the beach and secure the airfield there. If all goes well it will be renamed Henderson field. If the Americans continue to have their way eventually all tthe islands known as the Solomon Islands will be theirs. Command either the Japanese or American land, sea and ground forces and rewrite the history of this critical struggle.
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Re: Round Robin...

Post by pellulo » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:44 pm

Final Round Robin was were the Japanese needed to take fortress New Caladonia, a couple of rounds went by, as the USA baited the enemy. Here Japan slowly brought up their invasion fleet(the bait was three ACs Japan needed to sink, to get total of 15 VP).

USA had 6 subs. & 3 AC(with 6 fighters), 10 troopers, 2 AA guns, &, 8 cannons+Japan had 14 bombers, 6 fighters, 11 troopers, 5 guns, 3 ACs, 9 transports(two empty), 2 subs., 2 BBs, 2 DDs, &, 2 CCs=
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