I ate the whole thing...

Apparently The Axis & Allies site over at Avalon Hill is going to be phased out soon. A new one will replace it. If you have something over there that you don’t want to be evaporated into thin air then cut and paste it, and bring it over here so that it is not lost forever.
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Re: I ate the whole thing...

Post by pellulo » Sun May 14, 2017 12:05 am

Final Note of House Rules:
One: to speed up play, I am dumping the rule of the advantage of defense for cities/mountain territories. This will probably affect the U.S.A. forces more than the invaders initially, then again later in the game, it would make it harder for the invaders to hold onto their captured cities. All combat for attack & defense happens at the same time!-think Axis & Allies-*

Two: at start of game U.S.A. can place all their partisans, out ready for combat whenever space you wish to place them(so in round one, you can have an gateway city defended by 5 units).

Three: all cards are played once, a player can hold onto them{bank the card(s)}, and, use them on the turn as it fits their use, the cards are never recycled!

Four: Auxiliary units like the fighter jets, old style copters, &, so forth are placed whenever needed for ONLY round one(so that gateway city may be defended by more than 5 units, or, attacked by more than five units). These secondary, usually older type of units, are NEVER replaced!

*In a more smaller campaign like "Battle for the Mile High City"(Siege of Denver), your troopers & mobile units probably have towed or self propelled guns, with mortar crews & pre-registered guns & heavy machine gun nests, & snipers, &, traps to take a good toll of any Western & Southern Invaders. Before the Invaders can even get in range to fire back! So I leave the defense has an advantage for a smaller scale battle/campaign, like the mythical Mile High scenario. For the larger scale campaign I'll just use A & D fire the same time, thanks, Pellulo!

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