Pacific: Victory Points (posted by Sinister)

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Posted by Drax Kramer:
Originally Posted by admiral_yamoto
im going to go on sinister's side for this. I think it is stupid that the allies would suddenly surrender because the japanese get a good economy.
Of course they wouldn't. They wouldn't surrender if India was lost too. In fact, they wouldn't surrender in any other realistic circumstance. Now, when we solved that, how do you make a game where Japanese player can win, short of giving Japanese ridiculously overblown ahistorical forces?
Drax, the japanese arent as inferior as you think. They were like the 40s version of al qeada (but not as secretive) also a "death star" fleet isnt possible because there were a lot of ships in the atlantic too.
Compared to USN, Japanese were inferior. Please, make some effort, compare the production numbers, how many carriers US produced during the war, versus Japanese output. Do the same with planes, etc. Please compare the oil production between contestants.

There was zero chance of Japan winning the war in the Pacific, find any book dealing with the war in Pacific and you'll see I am right.

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