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Apparently The Axis & Allies site over at Avalon Hill is going to be phased out soon. A new one will replace it. If you have something over there that you don’t want to be evaporated into thin air then cut and paste it, and bring it over here so that it is not lost forever.
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A.H. does a Byzantine(splits)...

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Pellulo Time For A Split!
Instead of craxxing about what games Avalon Hill should make, perhaps, it might be easier, if it split itself into different branches. How about into one branch that makes, Historical/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Military Games ( Axis & Allies Games, Risk 2210, Mythology games), and, another branch that makes the Ghost & Monster In America Type Games (with the Acquire type games shared tween both divisions), thanks, Pellulo!
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...more misscellaneous, enjoy, Pellulo

Pellulo WWII
Saw a full page ad in, World War II magazine, yesterday, at a popular Shopping Mall book store, of Axis and Allies: D-Day. Has anybody seen any kind of ads for AH games(new ones), in any kind of Publictions?(can T.V. ads be not too far off) thanks, Pellulo

pellulo HeroQuest Type Game
In a popular Toys Discount Chain, a new type of Heroquest game is up for sale, with collectable warriors, from all ages. They are fighting it out, on a changeable stackable board(the actual game looks like a basic starter variant). Already a commericial is seen on T.V., has anybody played this game, any feedback?

Or will this game be another BattleBall Collectable Footgame game, made by M.B., that is already being sold for hafe price, and, in January this new version of a la Heroquest suffer the same fate?

Lately this game has spinoff packs and followup sets (like a castle kit), obviously a winner, when compared to Battleball, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Perhaps...
Perhaps this game for some, might be an investment, unopended, for future use/sale, or, eventully used as a break (light wargamming). Especially when you played your official 25th. Axis & Allies varinet game(e.g. The Seige of Malta), thanks, Pellulo

Pelllulo Followup on HeroScape
On a popular game web outlet, it is going for about 10 less, than at a popular R real store outlet. I'll wait, til after X-Mas, to see, if the price has fallen any more, thanks, Pellulo

PS if found anymore, it still goes fron 10-20 range.

pellulo ... popular Minis ..
I belive once or twice a year Heroquest goes on sale at Toys R Us, buy one and get the other free Hero game/parts for free ( when I got the Booster Roman Soldiers, the lady at the counter did not want to give me the article discount, cause she thought it was a toy, not gaming parts).

Also with the big bucks (I cannot believe they are just breaking even), will AH ever throw a T.V. commericial for the popular Minis

Pellulo Minis Games
With the availability of the Naval Version Minis, it has the potential of large Fleet movement. The basic land mini game is just, a low level tactical battle game.

Even tying into it, many multiple games, and, larger than 100 pts. armies/battle formation, it is kinda hard to recreate e.g. The Battle of the Bulge.

Much less if your using Historical Units e.g. there was Free French & Polish Units around, but, definitly no Char tanks. Also too many games are played in a numerical rich tank, APC, AC, SPG, guns/cannon enviorment, whereby the ratio would be anywhere from 5-10 to 1 in terms of the above vechicles to foot infantry.

So it is a game, that has its limits, unless you just collect the units for play/show/collectable purposes, thanks, Pellulo

P.S. The new naval units are definitely the trend of the future in minis for now.

Pelllula Too Little, Too Late
Hungary was in the Nazi Camp way into the late war. Sure the Russians probably help installed, their version of a Soviet friendly Hungarian government, into power. But for play purposes, I just keep Hungary as a unwilling Axis Ally.

Hungary was one of those countries, that found it easier to go pro-Nazi, rather than share the fate of Yugoslavia, or, get divided up like Poland. In the next to last year of the war, the Germans captured the Admiral (in his fortified fortress-castle) who ran Hungary, in order to keep Hungary on the Axis side.

Even in the last months of the war, Hitler used up forces (better used for the Battle of Berlin), in vicious counterattacks to defend his Hungarian ally. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Really...
Really can this be a cost cutting move?, to just save money, lumping all this talent together?

I guess I'll be visiting the local Odd-Lot, in the near future, to get my hands, on those 4 for one dollar booster pacts, of transforming magical minis from WWII (e.g. The Tiger Tank, Eastern Front, that magically turns into a real giant Tiger, fightning that giant Bear of a Soviet JS Tank, ect..), thanks, Pellulo

PS when do the Pirates of the Carribean Minis come out, Capt. Jack & his skelton crew & ..

Pellulo Irony
The Irony of both World Wars is, if Imperial Germany had ended the Great War, in a truce, more a bit in her favor, she probably would have strangled the newborn U.S.S.R.(in order to please the Allies).

As for the Second World War, if Nazi Germany, had won the War (in other words held onto her European conquest), you probably wish the U.S.S.R, had won instead. Truly caught between the worst of two evils. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Bargaining Chips of Captured Areas
In playing the Basic Game, it seems that if the Allies can hold out, for the first turn, Japan usually loses (it might be a LONG drawn out game, but, Japan usually loses).

A varation that I tried, is the basic one, the Japanese thought of, grabbing so much territory, that the war weary Allies sue for peace. Of course this failed Historically, especially with the Acardia Conference, of the Unconditional Surrender of the Axis Policy was stated. The German despair, and, isloation, when the European Axis Forces were surrendering or changing sides/backing out of the War, back in 1943-45 (e.g. Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Rumania,).

What I tried is that Japan has to threating India directly (with a sizeable force), have some forces (not just a lone trooper that survived an invasion of NW Aussie) in Australia, and, still be some sort of threat to the USA fleet & Pearl Harbor area. If Japan can achieve this, she sues for peace, and, only keeps hafe of what she conquered (The Brits. get the Japs. out of the Aussie. area, and, the threat to India is gone, USA usually gets Phillipine Is. back). The big loser is China, Japan gets not a minor victory, but, more like a moderate one, and, the Allies get some territories back, along with forces to sent to the European War.

This works out better for Japan (better some Empire, than none), and, saves the Allies a long drawn out slugfeast, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Orginal Battle Cry...
Orginal Battle Cry was an American Heritage Game by Milton Bradley, play and learn History at the same time concept, (the American History Heritage people, nice website, had a very informative booklet about the Civil War, in the game). Unfortunitly the game reminds you of the Advance computer version of Risk, strong on strategy, but weak in tactics (only the bigger flop of an AH game Hit The Beach was worse). The units in the game were 3-D but had that "flat look" to it, about the only thing good about the orginal BattleCry was the title, thanks (from someome who played it, when it was a new game), Pellulo

P.S. Perhaps Minis could be made with a new games package, of battle, for the new version of Battle Cry.

Pellulo Hit the Beach...
If you borrow some A&A units you can modify Hit the Beach, Skirmish at least has some play to it & sea power, sadly lacking in Battle Cry.

Meanwhile Broadsides is a good game of the War of 1812 (some features were copied for BattleMasters Broadsidess & Boarding Parties).

At least Dogfight the planes are collectable & a bit enjoyable (if your'e willing to modify it to throw in a Zepp. or two). Thanks, Pellulo

P.S. A.Heritage site the games are unreferenced, maybe they rather forget about them, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Supposivly...
Supposivly the French had a few megatanks, that were close to two stories tall, not neccesarly heavly armor (maybe it was suppose to scare the Germans for its size), well you guess it, they all got "Stuka" (how could the dive-bombers miss?).

Also the Soviets had a few "Battleship" like tanks, where the crew had to communicate by internal radio, it look like a Civil War double monitor on treads, again size was a factor here (they got used as inmobile pillboxes for the Battle of Moscow), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Picture is worth a thousand words...
In the pic. of the French MegaTank, the crew look like a bunch of 1/72 scale plastic toy soldiers, posing in front of a 1/48 scale French Char like tank.

You know it had to be lighty armor, if not, what road/streetway/bridge could support the weight, much less sink in a muddy dirt road during a rainstorm, thanks, Pellulo

Even thought it was probably a interwar design, it make one hell of a rare mini!

Pellulo ...overlooked game...
Do not know about the hate stuff, but, more people post in the Minis section in a day, than the Nexus Ops section gotten, since it started. Is the game going into a second printing, are sales high, or, is it joining the ranks of such games as H.O.T.W.? (a great but overlooked game). I know it is traditional for AH to have a section in the boards for new games, but, you get what you put into it, and, it seems to lack allot people inputting into it (maybe a mini type game would help it), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Does anybody have...
Hi, does anybody have the stats of defense, movement &, attacks (pic. of cards/model not necessary, for group five, much less the naval minis), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo World Wars
The Great War was changed to W.W.I, once the second got under way (what you expect it W.W.II to be called, The Great War Part II). Canada & Aussie., &, New Zealand, ect. usually joined the United Kingdom, in declaration of war (all parts of the Brirtsh Empire),or, to get there Indepencance e.g. South Africa. The colonies joined in by default.

Due to air & sea action, the W.W.II became global, thus a World War, e.g. Graft Spree off Latin America. Even in W.W.I, there was German Sea Raiders & Q-Ships, in the Pacific, much less Japan attacking Germanic Pacific Colonies, and, mainland Chinese trade ports.

If you want to push the defination of a World War, The latter Napoleonic wars could be consider a WWI of the 19th. Century. The War of 1812 was a minor theater of operations for the Brits., who where still fighting the French. There was Naval action, around the world, and, fighting in North America (lucky the other continental "Allies" were not interested in fighting the USA, even when offer parts of the USA, as a reward).

Another wannabe could be the American Civil War, if France & Brits. joined the South, there was a possibility that Russia & maybe the Germanies (especially Prussia) would help the USA (Italy & Austria-Hungarian Empire could have been the wildcards). Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Hotw
In case of interest, I always wonder, if Sid's Civilazation Game, doomed this remake game, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Atari
Atari may be going belly up (again), I guess thier version of Axis & Allies PC game, didn't help much (if you go by experience, which of the three games, Atari, orginal A&A, or, Iron Blitz, get ratings of lousy, lousier, or, lousiest).

Is it possible in the world of viedo games, will anybody ever get it right for the A&A games (or spinoff e.g. D-Day)?, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Axis & Allies...
Perhaps Axis & Allies is too good a game(s) to be computerized, perhaps when the next generation of computer games/systems come out, it will finally be made into a decent game. Trying to get it into a decent game, with today's systems, is like asking someone to make a A&A game for the Atari 2600 system type outcome, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...perhaps...
Basically it did not sell enough units, to lead to a reprint. Perhaps in the future, a booster pack(s) of the other 73 major battles will be made, or, a la D-Day treatment for a major battle (e.g. Gettsyburg), thanks, Pellulo

P.S. let's not forget a mini version of it (that could be done for basically allot of games, e.g. old gamemaster series)! After all R. Borg's Command & Colors System, played out much better with his Memior's 44 games.

Pellulo ...fact...
An interesting fact about the FireFly, it was re-lend lease back, some of them, to U.S. Forces. Also used as a "ambush tank" (lying in wait to hit a Panther/King on the side/back, while using three regular Shermans as "bait").

By the time the war ended in Europe, the British (Canadians?), had modified most of their Shermans to Fireflys (still they were no better than a Panzar Mark IV). While still about 15% or so of USA Shermans were modified to 76mm. gun (supposly a few were turned into "Super Shermans" with a 90mm gun, if you can imagine a medium tank, with a heavy tank cannon, much less a few were turned into a Heavy Shermans, same 75mm gun, but, heavier armor). Still the 76mm. Shermans were no better than a Panz. Mark IV, but, now had a fighting chance against a Panther/Tiger.
Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...if you played...
The game reminds one of India/Parcheesi! It has about three levels, the more advance you play, the more Shakespeare is used in the game (e.g. the use of the booklet, to ask questions about the plays), daughter's favorite boardgame, thanks, Pellulo
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...Let's talk...more on games

Post by pellulo » Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:33 pm

Pellulo new COTE game
With the current hype about the new COTE game, I'm sure the old playing units can be intergrated, into the new game system, especially if you need extra parts, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Cote
So far the new COTE game is a hit, can a Fortress America remake, be in the future, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Facsimile
D-Day Facsimiles are, to be found, in the tabletop book D-Day Experience, an publication associated with the Imperial War Museum, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Counts
Hi, if your are the buyer/top bidder, especially from the same seller, you can ask them to do a count, or, an estimate, of what is the actual unit(s) in the game. For a game like History of the World missing 20 units out of over 600 is not such a great lost, but, for Carrier Fleet Game that would be close to a fifth or so of all units in the game.

Many sellers would be helpful (or try to be), for the seller who is selling many games, especially those he never played, or, just picked up in lots, it might be too nitpicking to actually check each and every game, for every units in it, and, "looks to be complete", is a generic term, to cover of what looks like to be a complete game.

My own experience is after spending time to check a game for parts, is too get a e-mail back that the interested buyer, can get it cheaper, at half the price, or, needs spouse's permission to buy, get money from 20 or so gamming buddies in order to spread the cost, wants it at a lower price with free S&H, got to wait for X-Mas bonus, ect. This makes many sellers not to want to spend countless time to fine tooth & comb thru a game, they are putting up for sale,and, use that generic term, "looks to be complete".

It is your money, you have the right to ask, Hope this helps a bit, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...More like 2/3 the lost to conquer Germany...
Generally when a nation loses about 66% of its home land and most of its time its capital city, it is generally military finished (e.g. One example is the South in the American Civil War, still had parts of Virgina, the Carolinas, Florida, Texas. Or another is Nazi Gemany, still had parts of Holland, Norway, Austria, N. Italy, &, Prussia, but, they both lost their capitals & were finished military wise).

While Japan still had the bulk of its home islands, and, its capital, the threat of invasion, now with more atomic bombings, cause it to quite (she still had parts of China, Formosa, other bypassed islands, and, parts of Korea).

The game maps are quite general and it would be hard to show this, unless you have more spaces for nations, like in the Xeno version.

Are there exceptions to this rule, of course, like The Oriental Roman Empire (A.K.A. The Byzantine Empire early 7th. century A.D.), made a comeback, having lost most of its lands, and, having its capital besieged, to defeat the Persian Empire (the newer one, not the one Alexander the Great fought), only to lose it (most of what it had reconquered) all to the upcoming Islamic Invasions. Also the War of 1812, Washington was lost, but, the U.S.A. still fought on, Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Camp guards...
If games were made for the figures on a historical year, e.g. 1945, you could have a set (whether one or two on the same base), of irregulars (a la Gotterdamm). As the Third Reich was being overrun (up to two thirds, before the Nazis called it quite), many units became mixed, or, overlapped, as the Armed Forces were losing cohesion. Here it did occur, where a unit was made up of regular infantry, office/support personal, people's guard, naval/air personal, SS units, Police & Special Police, and, yes Camp Guards all mixed together.

A more feared unit figure was the avenging Soviet Soldier, who was doing payback for what happen to their homeland, (asked any civilians of Prussia to the Berlin Area). It is addmitted that camp guards were a creature of a evil system, who were taught no better, but, the avenging Soviet Soldier (not all participated in acts of revenge), could have been controlled, but, was allowed to equal the worst of the Nazis. When it comes to Axis & Allies, the Soviets were both. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Aside from the Uniforms...
Aside from the uniforms, even I admit, that Bad Guys always seem to be the best dressed, e.g. who can forget The Imperial Storm Troopers, in the original Star Wars Picture.

As for wargamming with or without the miantures, I think allot of gaming groups/collectionist, know the History of what they are using (have you ever heard a wargaming Fanatic of Dungions & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, ect., go into explict history, battle stats of a particular figure/units (considering it a fantasy/makebelive subject!). Much less a Revolutionary Wargamer, say a game based on 1776, talk about British Dragoons, stats or movement, or, describe the History of the figure's uniform weapons, or, combat record.

To say or hint, that the History of units is some sort of, should be kept in the closet, is really a show of ignorance. Let's face it, they were good & bad guys, in WWII, unfortunitly, it is not all black & white, and, the line does sometimes get blurry, in the case of the '45 Soviet troopers (I'm sure their uniforms were as not as piffy as the S.S., when some of them did wrong actions).

So I'm willing to let it rest, some units are "cooler" looking than others, but, the fear of the thread being closed, cause, of a particular units "Bad" history is mention, really is something that probably would have happen more, in a more Nazi/Soviet type system. I know the collectable must sell enough to make a profit, but, political correctness, of not mentioning, their Historical past, is really silly.

Neverfear all that Hot Air over D.C. I'm sure protects it from any harm. Final note, have you notice that German armour, especially their Tank Destroyers, look cooler than the Allies (cannot wait for the miniatures) , basically they were built... (opps sorry no offending politically incorrect History is to be told about them), take care, Pellulo

Pellulo ....Depends on The Capital...
Depends on whose Capital, we had Washington sacked & burn, in the War of 1812, yet we came out on top of that war, while in the American Civil War, it was all over, when Petersburge Fell, and, Richmond had to be abandon.

In WWI when it look like, due to the Kasier's Battle, in spring 1918, that Paris might fall (a million people had left the Capital), the Entent Powers were willing to move the French Capital to another town, and, plan to retake Paris, in the invitable counterattack (especially with the help of USEF).

Now in WWII, the French were too freaked out, and, surrendered their capital. As for USSR, Stalin was going to stay in his, but, made plans to move government agencies, to the Urals, if the Nazies won The Battle of Moscow. Italy did not so much surrender to the Allies (she became a part time ally, a co-belligerant), but, had Rome occupied, by her former Germanic "Ally". Even thought in the hearts & minds of the Fascists Council, they had already surrender, to the Allies, the day the Western Allies landed in Sicily. It did not matter that Mussolini swore to Hitler, that Italy was still , on the Axis side.

As for Germany, she still controlled a third of her Homeland, most of Norway, Austria, parts of Hungary, N. Italy, all of Denmark, ect., but, was still fighting on, even with the death of Hitler, and, the fall of Berlin.

It depends on your attitude, in many a "What If" History, one story was, the British Empire stills fight on, even with the Germans taking over London (and General Monty leaving Scotland with 200,000 military personal, to go to Canada, to carry on the fight!).

Finally you see this in some wargames ( The British Empire is large, that it still fights on, even if UK gets knock out of the war).
Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo China & Italy
The Nationalist Government, had moved to a new Capital, deep inside the Homeland, not to far, where the "Burma Road" Ended. Here in the Mountains & River Gorges, the terrian was an ally for the Chinese (to borrow from the Russian's General Mud & Winter, the Chinese had as their Ally General Terrian).

As for the Italians, I'm speaking in generic terms, when the Fasciest Grand Council removed Il Duce from power, the Germans were not believing ANY promises, that Italy was staying, in the war on their side (they also switch on Germany in the First World War). Behind the curtain, Italy would surrender to the Allies, then join & be supplied by them (becoming a co-belligerant). Also Germany was making plans to occupied Italy, via a Puppet State, once they rescued Il Duce.

Eventually the Italians got ''cold feet", blew a chance to hand over Rome to the Westerm Allies, and, the fightning went on in C. & N. Italy, for about two years more, each Italian Side swearing loyalty & manpower to their old & new Allies.

Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo choices, &, more choices!!!
For me when it comes to buying that rare one of a kind mini, much less a few units to build up that Panzar Army, I rather spend the money on a new board game ( I already got all the minis I need in H.O. scale, if I ever got to built that Airfix D-Day H.O. Kit, I could saturate my Axis & Allies D-Day Game with minis, much less any board game with H.O. parts, at a good selection, much less cheaper, than having to buy the official parts), thanks, Pellulo

Pellula ...becomes moot...
As for smaller gamming companies, giving one, what is felt is lacking in A.H., becomes moot. If GMT & Eagle (already the latter is out of business) get brought out or added to the A.H. Line ( how the level of sameness will rise), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Another game...
A good game, that includes territories west of the Miss. River, and, also has IronClades, Indians, nice number of metallic foot, cannons, horse, generals, with good Stratrgic & Tactical Usage, would have to be Asten's "1861". Also it throws in the econmical means of keeping your armies/fleets going, thanks, Pellulo

P.S. of course making those home rules up, helps sweeten the game.

Pellulo Alternating History
You probably seen those ever popular Alternating History books (some are even fictionalized as Sci.-Fi), if instead of "the little corporal" its "the little admiral", if Rommel had won at only Omaha beach, if Napoleon had had a minor victory at Waterloo, if Pickette charge had broken but not outflank the Union Lines, thus creating a "Buldge" that Meade's Union Army pinched off, on the fourth day, of the Battle of Gettsburge, ect., you get the ideal. Now let's related this to the Atari game-->

If Axis & Allies was only orginally an popular Atari Viedo Game, then e.g. Eagle Games (now out of business) would have snap it up, in order to make probably, the Generic popular Axis & Allies 3-D Board Game (the one so many were weaned on).

But that probably would never have happen, cause the Alternating History would have been, by a long strech of imagination, if A&A WAS an popular viedo game! Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Units Needed ...
Are you looking for orginal units for the old style/revised A&A Games, newer ones e.g. for Pacific/Europe game, or, units adapted specically for the Xeno Game? I have some for sale, in the marketplace/ for sale section of this site (better yet contact me). If not, plenty of units available from the basic Eagle Attack game, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Word configuration code...
I've been studing the Word configuration of the term "Avalon Hill"(supposly a fame renassaince painter left a code in it), so far "AH" translate to "genetic boring non-wargameable games a la Parker Brothers/Milton Bradley/Wizards of the Coast want you to buy. Does P.C. have something to do with this?(could it be the same jr. vice exc. who approve the Atari PC game?).

Really I agree every game cannot be a light-moderate wargame like the A&A series, but, these new games, show no faith in a future of wargames from AH(could eagle games have been the leader now in that field?, not now they gone out of business).

Also these new games will have to pass the test of your wallet, if they are that good, you'll buy them.

Finally I know the original AH had a good number of non-war games-what percent was it, under 15%?-(E.G. Shakespeare, Magic Set, Dr. Ruth, ect.), but, these games were a bit more challenging/fun than most other non-AH games of its time(unless you were a Password fanatic),how do you fell about this, thanks, Pellul

Pelllulo Golden Age Of WarGaming
Heaven Forbid you are talking about a time of Quanity & Quality, at a reasonable price!, what was your Golden Age of WarGamining, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo evolution, it happens, survival of the best A&A games
Ever since D-Day Axis & Allies came out, the interest in the basic A&A & Europe & Pacific has waned lately (even more now with the Bulge & Gudalcanal games). It could be the generic A&A games are on the way out (Being at best a light weight war game, of an abstract nature. Who has not asked, what does a tank symbol stand for- a Panzar Army/Divison, light & medium & heavy tanks all mix togethere with some APC & AC & some TD & Self Propelled guns, but, yet the Brit. tanks have the same Attack & Defense as the German ones!-, ect.).

While the more specific D-Day Game deals with a certain number of what was orginally availale for the first few days of the Normandy landings (e.g. 175,000 Allied troops landed). The D-Day game is more fine tuned into a more historical & realistic play than the generic games.

I do not know where to find it, but, D-Day probably has another printing coming out, while Euope & Pacific might be doubtful, much less a whole section devoted to them, on the boards, in the future!

It could be someday all the generic A&A games will be lumped into one section, on the board section. Maybe the generic World & Europe & Pacific games, might be lumped into one megaboard game box, with enought units available to play all three games!, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Stugs as not Assault Guns but Tanks
As the second hafe of the war grinded on, Germany was force to use her tank destroyers/assault guns units, e.g. like the Stug III, to fill in, and, fight alongside her regular tank forces. With a updated gun, and, better armour, the Stugs did a good job acting as tanks(even thought going against a Joseph Stalin heavy tank, was like the Basic 75mm Sherman going against a King Tiger). In the long run, the Stugs took out as many Sovier Tanks, at a cheaper price to built & maintance, than her big cat cousins(e.g. Tigers). The number of Stugs available were always greater than any Tiger tank.

Also attitude creeps in, the USA forces used their Tank destroyers, as Bunker Busters, Mobile artillery, and, yes if it look like a tank(like the Hellcat), it must be a tank! Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Chaffee
If you look at the USA Chaffee Light Tank, it had evoved to look pretty much like a medium tank(speed of 55 km/h or 35mph)), and, a good size tank busting gun, on a revolving turret(considered well gunned for battle). Later on it is in use with some nations today, and, was the bases for the M-48 & M-60s tank series. Unfortunitly it was design in the pre-Tiger era, so when arrived in 1944 Europe, it was about as effective, against a Tiger tank, as a basic Infantry 75mm Sherman tank.

In combat , its recon. abilities was used, and, its chassis was the same for a family of assault guns & A.A. guns. Perhaps if the war had lasted a year or two longer, Germany might have built a L.T. to look like a la Chaffee copy. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Hellcat
The M-18 HellCat was one of the best US Tank Destroyer, with a open topped turret, as compared to the turretless Stug T.D.. Of course for an advantage of a turret, was negative by the exposure of the crew, but, the Stugg, had a lower turretless profile(harder to hit the StuG, but, had to aim the StuG's body to shoot at the target).

Using self-propelled/assault guns/Tank destroyers , as tanks, was a problem, due to their lack of armor protection and/or mobility. Just because it look like a tank(especially the turreted Hellcat), did not make it a tank!

The Hellcat could hold its own on the battlefield, but, not at close range, with its 76.2mm gun & speed of 55mph. Here US T.D. units got used more, as self propelled guns & mobile artillery, towards the end of the war. Also an interesting similar ratio, of US TD getting used less as TD(more like a SPG/tank), while German TD got used more as a tank(especially in defensive battles).

While the last variant of StuG's the G series, even with side skirt armour, still had to take the role a tank, still had poor mobility (you had to aim the TD to aim the gun), considering it was really a Tank Destroyer! thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Stuka In the latter hafe of the War, the Stuka, especially in The Eastern Front, had become specfically a Tank Buster. I believe they modified a cannon to fit below the fusilage, of the Stuka (supposily one pilot logged onto hundreds of confirmed "kills", even eliminating the near misses, hitting of soft skin units e.g. trucks, he took out enough tanks to supply a Panzar Division!, he wrote a book, avalible at the History Book Club).

Usually they flew into enemy territory, and, then turned around to hit the tanks, if possible from behind, but, also to be able to fly straight back to their own lines. The slow speed was perfect for these attacks, as they were never intended to attack the tanks, at speeds a fighter plane could do. Fortuitously for the Russians, these Stuka pilots, had a long training period.

As for the cannon idea, in the Pacific, the USAAF, had cannons, put under the body of fast attack two engine Bombers (as the A-20 Bostons, A-26, and, even the slower B-25). These bombers played Hell on enemy shipping, and, the occasional Japanese fighter plane (the A-20 could do over 300mph., and, a weapons package of up to a dozen .50 mg. guns/20mm cannons combo in its nose, and, just waste a Japanese fighter plane).

As for a least favorite piece, is the need to use a submarine to protect a sea lane, as any air can take it out, without the sub counterattacking!

Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Haunted House
Is it possible with more non-wargames coming out, especially -Haunted House-by Avalon Hill Games, it/they should have their own section or website to themsleves? The orginal A.H. made lots of non wargames that were quite good, e.g. The Game of Shakespeare, but, Shakespeare Game & Haunted House Game ,& ,so forth, should have their own area(s) to it. It shoulden't be mix up, in a board that has areas, already devoted to A.&A.D-Day & Bulge & Guadcanal & Naval Minis, war stategies,and, so forth.

I won't get in a subject that the Haunted Hill game may already be in trouble in sales,and, having it included in the Official A.H. wargammming site, helps give it, whether it deserves it or not, more exposure, we are too grown up for that (after all this is the A.H. game site), thanks, Pellulo.

Pellulo ...unconcious...
Sometimes in play, the unconcious use of "Body English", comes into play. Where your stance of throwing the die, causes a desire number to come out (not good if your play testing a game, or, playing with an oppenent, now Vegas Crap Table is something else).

Invest in an automatic system to eliminate any potential use of Body English (the old "pop automatic" from a Trouble game, is a good nonelectronic one, much less some thin plywood rectangles & squares, about 4"-6", you can make a throwing tower), thanks, Pellulo
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Dude what are you doing here? your like a radio program broadcasting all sorts of stuff from your bunker.

I hope your having fun in here buddy and it appears your self motivated.

as always a big thanks, Pellulo :lol:
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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...to hear from you, I'm over here allot, cause I'm still trying to figure out, how to get back into the new AH site ( I won't open that can of worms how laXe that site has become ), thanks, Pellulo

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good job buddy. I actually read some of this. Don't worry i know others are doing it as well.
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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