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Dumbo "Black Cats"...

Post by pellulo » Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:46 am

...enjoy, Pellulo

Pellulo ...New Axis & Allies PC Game...
Lately much pro & negative views of the new A&A PC Game has been coming up(a bit more to the latter). Where by some people it seemed, bet the family farm, on its abilitites, and, are quite adament, in their views. Sometimes it can get a bit gross(especially other sites, this site has been spared the worst). Let us take a general look at it:

1. It is simply a game, if you want an all inclusive game, that exists, for the time being, 20 years down the road, this game is not for you. Let us face it, "Star Trek" computer intelligence, is a long way off from now.

2. Let the POWERS that be know how you feel, if you feel they should or shoulden't lend the A&A name , to any PC game maker(I'm sure Larry coulden't do much to stop Atari from making this game). Perhaps a requirement, is that a potential game should be played TESTED, to eliminate and stop any bugs it has(like 99.9999-->)& quality & enjoyment min. standard, if not, then you can't use the A&A name on it.

The POWERS that be do not want to be associated with any potential "turkeys". Especially when they want to push upcoming new board games(heaven forbid, you are so disgusted, it affects the ability to take out your wallet, to make a new boardgame purchase).

3. Finally the game itself, if it stays like a 'Pure" A&A game, then all it would be, is a long overdue better version, of the orginal PC game, much less the "Iron" version. Perhaps it tried too much, too soon, and, left a bad taste in some buyers wallet.
a. For better or worse(being a former USN Member). I like to control my fleets, much less Air Arm, it is like playing the Classic Operation Europe(where you could only give directions/orders to the number of bombers to be used, no fighters or fighter bombers was available, in the game).

The game should have been touted as more a land version of A&A rather than an all inclusive armed forces game. A few Battleships & Carriers, make a nice Task force, that is all!

b.If Admirals can lead armies, can Generals lead fleets?,
c. shades of WWI, what's this "BunkerMania", yes Infantry prepared postions, were used, but, not all were concrete bunkers!,
d.perhaps a OFF switch for all the HQs, they know what they are doing, taking the place of the factories, just give one your reinforcements, that is all, allot of players would be satisfied!,
e. The use of different battle units is GREAT!,
f.Maybe another switch for base building & supplies(just make it automatic),
g.Campaigns might have an optional Historical Mode,
the abilitity for armour in Crete is a joke, that was mostly a Paratroopers used by the Axis Forces, Axis Victories(that were orginally defeats, lead to conjecture, here the game does OK, especially the Battle for the Suez Canal & the second "Pearl Harbor"). In a historical mode, even a victories Axis Victories at StalinGrade, much less Kurst, still might have let them not win the war (Hitler was hoping to bleed the Russian's white for the Kurst battle, not have the door opened for taking Moscow, much less an Operatioin SeaLion. What about Bomber Command,&, Royal Navy and the USA 8th. Air Force?), maybe more like a standoff or minor victory,
h.the Allies Campains are OK, but, in a Historical mode, in would be nice to fight e.g. El Alamein Battle without the abilitity to call forth, like a mage a google of tanks!,
f. the Battle of Big G. really needs that Naval element!,
g.the WWII mode does not make up for an historical mode,
h. the Map Editor is what you want to make of it,

4. there is not a big enough patch for this game, much less an supplement version to follow, you have to play it, knowing it has its limits, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Not the buyers, but, the SELLERS.
Perhaps instead of working on the Sellers of the PC game, who do not hesitate, to run, a title into the ground, but, instead, focus on the sellers of the A&A name.

Instead of backing "TURKEYS" for a quick buck, heads will roll via the power of the wallet(instant feedback to the sellers of the A&A name), has anybody tried a petition?, thanks, Pellulo

P.S. This must be the third or so time the Atari name has been sold(or restarted), how many people buy it, thinking of its glory days of the seventies to early eighties?, for a great product(s), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...X-Mas...
I wondered if the junior CEO(s) who sold off the rights of the A&A name to Atari, is going to get his/her X-mas bonus?(probably should just get it in unsold Axis & Allies & Iron A&A unsold P.C. games, probably a ton or two of each game), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Worth it?...
It is not the price of the game, does one really get any enjoyment from playing it?(especially if it cost you 40-80 to do so), thanks, Pellulo

Senior Member

Pellula ...Submarines Lost...
Pick up, on sale, one of those speciality books, of WWII German Submarines, and, the numbers were roughly, 75% of Germany Subs., never finsihed the war. The book was quite specfic, it even named the subs. and the place & time, it was presumed lost.

The average sub. was the type VII model for the KreisMarine(German Navy), the one mentioned in the book DAS BOOT (seen in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie). Along with the shorter range coastal types, midgets, supply ships, training ships. Also the new Type 21 & new Coastal types (the former was a true submersable, as always, it came, too late in the war, and, in few numbers to affect the outcome, and, the latter saw action during D-Day and up).

The lost of 750 subs. was the greatest of any combative of the War(the USA only had about 200 subs. for the whole war, hafe of them were built during the war,and, only hafe of those were of the newer types, like the long range Pacific types with Air Condtion!, they lost 50 subs. or 25% of their total USN sub fleet ). Alltogethere the German U-boats that survived the war (about 250 or so), still probably outnumbered anybodies other Navy's total sub. fleet.

Allot were scraped, used for atomic testing, studied (like the type 21, it was considered too dangerous-explosive gas buildup-, so the USN decided to go for a Nuclear sub, for the fifties), or parcel out to the victors, or, ended up in Museum (one at the Science Museum of Chicago, the only captured U-boat at sea,that the USN ever got!).

As for the cost factor, the average out of ships sank to U-boats lost is 4:1 (3000 to 750). Of course the greatest threat of them peaked out, as the Battle of the Atlantic was ending in mid-1943. Towards the end of the war, even with snorkles, a old type VII coulden't handle the beef up air patrols, Baby Flattops, increased sea escorts, and, sea&air radar, it was roughly one ship sunk to one U-boat lost.

Overall if Germany & Hitler did not have Battleship fever, and, did not built the Bismark, there was enough steel in her to supply three hundred U-boats (even if they were all lost, it might have forced United Kingdom to sue for a truce).

Finally the only Sub. Policy that worked, for the whole war, was the USN sub force in the Pacific, it sank about 55% of Japanese ships lost in WWII (even using those defective torpodoes!). Also it helped, Japan did not have any sort of decent convoy system (they suffered the same attitude the Royal Navy did during WWI, of heaven forbid, a warship protecting mere transports).

Last note the WWI German subs. sank more ships than the WWII subs., but, overall the tonage was greater in WWII (ships were bigger in WWII). It could be said that the British Empire lost about 4000 merchant type ships (about hafe the world's total then in exsistance in WWI). So subs., especially on the attack mode, for especially, for a Navy lacking a strong surface fleet, is a good investment, but, be prepared for heavy losses!, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...Maybe...
Maybe a variant Axis & Allies game, could be brought out, based, on The Battle of the Atlantic. Here land units is just cargo, more spaces for the crossing, different units(sea: would be a "Baby Fattop", supply sub., advance sub., cruisers. For air: long range bombers, blimps, patrol aircraft,ect.).

This game would force better, more realistic rules, for the subs.(yes they did/could defend against aircraft!). The use of long range bombers for the Axis , &, Bismark type battleship for "breaKing out" of the N.Atlantic, and, Sub. pens for the Brits./USA to bomb.

Here units are awarded on a yearly time frame, you do not buy anything, ect. Also from 1939-1941 it would have some USA presence, and, the use of Canadian Naval ships could be introduced). Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Entent Armour
While many of the Allied armour broke down(made more for quanity, not quality). They did help help break up the front lines, &, help return mobility to the Western Front. The Germans ignored Armour for too long, and, their response was a badly built version of a tank(A7V), that even if it had some merit, the overheated economy, never built more than two dozen of them (compared to the Allies 4000 or so tanks). Also by 1939, their tanks were still inferior, to the Western Allies (e.g. French Char Tank), but, was offset by better tactics! Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Interest?
Any interest in X-Mas games?, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Unit Parts
Hi, might try the Diplomacy game for parts, and, the old Axis & Allies Game is good for all subs. & transports, &, Japanese troopers could pass for WWI. Also the Pacific game is good for Japanese troopers & tanks, all field guns, all subs, &, Britsh & Japanes battleships & all transports, &, all destroyers could pass for WWI type cruisers, good luck thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...go to...
If you really need a more varied selection of troopers, go to any of the toy soldiers .com sites. There are allot of selection of 1/72 scale toy soldiers in plastic, in various poses, usuallly you ger about 40 to a box(painting it is a option), and, for a good price of about $8 a box. You can get early Imperial troops, SS troops(they were invented for the first world war, not the second), Austria-Hungarians, Turks, Anzack troops, Japanese, Brits., USA, French Foreign Legioneers, Arab tribesmen, and so forth.

They are addtional sets of guns & horsemen & Corgi's Tank History Warfare Collection(has a Mark IV tank in it) ,but, their scale of 1/72 is too large for a gameboard.

Also if you can get, and, afford the game of Dogfight, available on a popular auction house site, it comes with some cool WWI aircraft, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ... Until...
Until you are set up with the plastic units you want, have you thought of using tokens? Get your symbols from the net(e.g. WWI Tank), copy them, and, put them on some some old game cardboard tokens, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo WW I Site
Try The WWI Modelers Web Ring at http://www.wwi-models.org/ ,or, go to Section titled The First Tanks (at my site).

At Tanks R Us, if interested in "kit bashing", pics. are availlable http://pellula0.tripod.com/tanksrus/index.html, thanks ,Pellulo

Pellulo ...adding new units...
The problem with adding new units to the A. & Allies family of games is, to what purpose? To the general old/new basic A&A games (including the Europe & Pacific ones), let us used an example, the basic "tank" unit. Here the e.g. tank unit, is just a symbolic version of armour & also mobile infantry, in their APCs, along with everything else you want it to be (AA/AT guns, mobile guns, assault guns, tank destroyers, towed guns of all caliber, ect.).

These games are too vague to have much more varied units, much less land ones (who has remember playing a basic A&A game, ending with Germany knocked out by USSR, S.W. Europe by the Western Allies, and, all that Soviets has left standing, is maybe a fighter or two, one or two foot, no sea power, and, a google of tanks!).

In let us say the Pacific game, Japan shoulden't even have tanks, most were deployed in China, considered more like overgrowned tanketts/very very light tanks, if you do use them, their attacking power should only be a "2" (how could it be a compared to a Allied Sherman/Lee Grant Tank?, unless you use them as their rare and few tank destroyers, they had).

Now if you get to a more specfic game, like D-Day, you could be more specific, in what kind of armour you have (especially for house rules). Here you might need 8 number dice for armour. After all,i f a Sherman can get a hit on three, or, a Firefly (Brit. version of a Sherman)/76mm. Sherman/Chaffee or Hellcat Tank Destroyer on a four, then definitly a Panther/Tiger should be able to hit on a four & five. Again the former would have limited range, while the latter would be able to function, at longer ranges.

In the future, if a game is made for e.g. Battle of Kurst, you'll definitly need different die & attack/defese number, if different kinds of tanks are used,( much less tank destroyers, APCs, troops riding on tanks for the attack,ect.). It would be boring, if all armour is symbolically clump together, for the same attack of three & defense of two-three. This does not take into account, the combatant's experience in their use of armour.

The use of different units goes for Air, the USA like to use their fighters allot, as fighter-bombers. The Germans had their specfic land dive bomber the Stuka, ect. Here in the games, they are all lump together, with the same A&D modes. A more small scale battle would let you use different aircraft, with different A & D numbers (I have not even mention the medium-heavy bombers).

As for sea, cruisers would be nice, much less e-boats/pt boats, escort carriers, but, again, in a specfic game or battle should escort carriers be allowed for e.g. Italy? Again would everybody have the same A & D numbers for their units?

I'll save the techno abilities for some other time, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo puny sherman gun
A myth of WWII was that the basic Sherman, had a puny 75mm gun! Not so , the problem was it was too low a velocity(something like the Panzar Mark IV short barrel tank), which caused its AP shells to sometimes "bounce" off enemy panzar tanks. It also fired regular shells for anti-infantry use, and, had the ability to fire while moving, and, up to firing rate of four times faster than German Armour.

The Brits. took the Lend-Lease Shermans & re-equpped it with a 17 pounder gun which had a higher velocity(& sometimes re-lend-leased to US forces). Also the modified US Sherman(it made up about 15% of the total of all Shermans) , got a 76mm gun, which along with the Brit. "Firefly" Sherman, could finally stand up to German Panthers & other armour. Still both these modified tanks, still had a lower velocity than the old style Panzar Mark IV long barrel tank!

If you ever seen photos of a regular Sherman & modified Shermans, you'll right away see the longer gun barrels & changed tank turrets. The latter(modified Shermans) were still being made up to the early sixtes, up North, for overseas sales/parts. Finally after WWII , anybody building new types of tanks, were leaning to medium-heavy models, of at least , no less than a 90mm. gun, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...real...
I wonder if current members or former members of the military/paramailitary forces, would even want, to be given/tacked on ranks (especially when it fails to match the armed service they served).

Also I wonder if Military wannabees, really want a given candy AXX rank of Field Marshal or 5 star general, etc., thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo .....Believe me.....
I rather have no ranking, perhaps tying it into AH games, might make a good option! Being a former service member, being given make believe ranks, is not an amusing/CUTE thing, just ask any former service member, you might know, thanks, Pellulo( former E-4-----> yes space cadets that is a REAL RANK).

Pellulo Ge. Player
I wonder would your format work with Germany, if it followed Historical fightning. Of not having Russia and Japan fight each other, till the last round of play(U.S.S.R. did not declared war against Japan, till about 2 weeks before W.W.II ended). Thanks, Pellulo
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Subs what is their purpose, where is Italy, ...

Post by pellulo » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:54 pm

...enjoy, Pellulo

Pellulo US Subs
The USN subs(Silent Service) account for 55% of lost Japanes surface ships(commericial & military). Considering they did not get decent torpodeos till 1943, had only a quarter the subs Germany had, and, the Japanese never had a effective convoy system(was it beneath the Imperial Navy to escort/protect mere supply ships?). The USN had the only effective sub. campain of WWII, while the German U-boats lost the more known Battle of The Atlantic, thanks,(former the USN lost about 50 out of 200 subs., latter 750 out of 1000 subs. ), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Sub. Varient
Perhaps to reflect the submarine primary role of sinking merchant ships & transports, oilers,ect. Here lone/unescorted merchant ships can be attacked at a roll of three down(instead of two), by the attacking sub., thanks,Pellulo

Pellulo Italian Servicemen
For the Second World War, the Italian Servicemen were quite brave, but, their leadership was quite lousy. One story told, was a Italian unit did not get in a good defensive postion, in N. Africa, cause it would put , in the line of fire, their Officers' various Villas! (what would have happen to those Officers if they were German or American-shot against a wall?-).

For land forces, they underused their armour, much worst, than the British. Also suffered the same practice, the Brits. had, of using puny guns, on thier tanks!

For sea forces, overcautious was the key word, thier own fear, was the fearsome reputation of the Royal Navy (even barring disasterious losses, they should have made, the MED. Sea, a Roman Lake).

As for air, poor fighter escorts, doomed many a Bombing Mission, and, better fighters were on the way (using engine designs from Germany), but, Italy had surrender to the Allies by then. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo ...from 1941 to 1945...
How about something , in the Burma-India-China Theather of Operations, from 1941 to 1945. Here you have the desperate Allies: China, Brtish Empire Forces, and, America, from those dark days of 1941- 1943(where they just hang onto, from being overrun by Japan). All the way to 1944-1945, where Japan's last major offensive in China, &, the Plains of Impahla (gate way to India) were beaten off. Also the eventual Allied counterattack (that destroyed an Japanese army group in Burma).

Here you have also plenty of Air Action (Flying Tigers, transports over the "hump", special land glider forces), and, so forth. Let's not forget about those German U-boats stationed in Singaport, along with other Naval actions. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Could you tell me...
Could ..., thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Thanks

Pellulo tanks
Most of the Omaha Beachead Tanks were sunk by a crosscurrent, if the "Swimming Sherman Duplex Drive Tanks" ran at a 90% angle, to the current, they would have made it(shown on the History Channel).

Unfortunitly they ran at a about 45% or so to the current, which caused swamping of the tanks' freeboards(only two made it). For a picture of the Duplex & stats, go to http://pellula0.tripod.com/tanksrus/id10.html, thanks, Pellulo

Thanks, sent e-mail, Pellulo

Pellulo Flea Market
Got one A&A game in flea market, mint for two dollars & another on sale at popular discount store for hafe price, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo A.H. Games
Hi, send me private message, about A.H. games for sale & price. Also do you do trades?(my games are listed in X-Mas Games Games), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo titles of games
Hi,... thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Salvage Tanks
Even thought the Germans had tank advantage of quality, on the Western Front, they did not have the numbers. Roughly it took, if we stick to the US forces main battle tank the Sherman (the majority was the 75mm. cannon version, the minority was upgraded 76mm. cannon version, or, the re-lend leased Britsh 17 pounder Firefly/Sherman tank), the losses was roughly about 4 shermys to every 1 panzar.

If the Western Allies troopers suffered from "Tiger Tank Fever", the Germans were suffering from"where the hell, are all these Shermans coming from?", it is reckon, that about a quarter of "New Shermans" coming onto the battlefield were rebuilt salvage Shermans(maybe some remodification).

The Germans had a poor record of salvaging their tanks, also it did not help, that about their tanks, were very complicated to fix, and, many were abandon/destroyed by their crews. Rather than the Shermans simplicity, for mass production, made them easier to fix & maintane on the battlefield (the majority of lend lease tanks were Shermans & Lee/Grants & Stuarts).

A final note, about 16% of Russian Armour was lend leased (yep the majority were Shermans, they did not think much of Brtish armour). Also the Germans, appreciated the Shermans, they had enough captured Shermans(about 100), enough, if they were to put togethere with A.P.C., Armour cars, T.D., some self propelled guns, to give themsleves a Panzar armour army (I do not know, if these Shermans, all fought togethere, can you imagine, an allied soldier, looking at a Sherman tank, coming at him, with a Nazi symbol painted on it!, it would probably gall Hitler also). Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Game
Maybe it would help, with a purchase of the new game. You sent a form, put inside the game by A.H., to mail with, along with a copy of your receipt, to get those missing parts, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Rank
Military ranks are OK,but, I was in the Service, and, would rather have the option of using my old REAL rank, not some cross rank(Army), much less, like some users prefer, some space cadet/sci-fi/fantasy rank, thanks, pellulo

Pellulo Time-Life Civil War Books
Get a copy of Time-Life Civil War Books, they have pretty good Battle Map Setups with descriptions of the terrian. They were about 88 major Civil War Battles, so you should be able to find the other 73 in the books, and dupilcate them on the gameboard, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Start in 1939
It is not so much the varations introduced(a better organized defense of W. Europe, a more friendly colonial French Empire to the Allies, ect.). Now if the game starts in 1939, just seeing, if the Britsh Empire can survive to 1941, is interesting enough, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Train/Truck Unit
A symbolic unit that represents transportation & comminications, like a land version of a transport. Each nation would get what would be apprioate for them, be it a plastic unit that looks like a truck/train piece, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Views of WWI
I like #2 (it is what I orginally suggested). As for the German Menance, when the war started, allot people where lukewarm to the British Empire, here in the states (much less the French Empire). After all, the former, controlled 25% of the world, much less 25% of its people ( overall it look like, allot of greedy empires trying to grab land from another empire(s)-Austrian-Hungarian, Ottermann, Russian,ect.-). By the early 1900s the great land grab in Africa was over.

After all the second largest group of peoples who came to the USA, after those from the United Kingdom (Irish, Welsh, Scots, English), were Germans (considering the fact the English are desendent from Celtic, Roman, Ango-Saxon-Jute-the German branch-, &, Norman blood). Much less that the English language is desendent from Germanic Languages.

If the Kasier did not get his Navy involved in Unrestricted U-Boat Warfare, Wilson might have got kept his promise to keep the USA out of the Great War (much less the British clumsy attempt to use the Zimmeranne incident). I'm sure the Allies would have still won (even without Russia), but, it might have been a minor victory ,or, an truce waiting to flare up a generation later.

After all it was a Byzantine network of secret treaties that got the war started, to say the Germans started it, or, were the real Menance in Europe is historically unfair (try telling the bulk of non-white people of the British/French Empire, if they did not feel abused by their overlords).

The sad part of Germany in WWI was the unfair reputation they got(better Allied propaganda?), but, even sadder was that they earned that evil reputation for war, when WWII started in 1939, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Choice
Hi, how about #12 Battle Of Imphala (B.I.C. Theather of War). Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Game Start
Playing the Orginal Risk with High School buddies, in the back of a trophy shop, during the Nixon era. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Infantry on Tanks
Hi, one house rule we found helpful (for the old basic A&A) about Tank Attack & Offensive use, was (orginally used for only the Russian Player), l allow one USSR troopers one free ride on one of thier armor (the USSR had plenty of troops, &, their tanks were a form of an cheap version of an APC).

So by letting a line unit(s) hitch a ride on an armour unit(s), for only one space, it allowed, if the tank was hit, to defend itself using both the armour & line unit, and, your choice as to what unit you lost. Also they both had their regular attack power.

Historically it was a great lost of manpower, but, the Soviets could afford it, and , this combo. of units (wave after wave of troopers riding on their tanks into battle),was overpowering. This help them turn the tide of war in their favor on the Eastern Front.

Eventually it was copied by the Axis (mostly the Germans), less by the Western Allies. Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Zeveda Marathon Game
The Zxxxxx Game Systen can be gotten at the Txx Sxxxxxx Cxxxxxx, along with booster packs. Basically a set e.g. Battle Of Marathon 490B.C., comes with 88 1/72 UNPAINTED on runners figures. Also with the instruction guide for battles from 3000B.C. to about 1400A.D.(no gunpowder or cannons rules).

Along with cutouts of rocks, trees, water, marshes, roads, trees, a temple, ect. Also a sheet of the actual battle,and, sheets of A/D numbers.

The booster packs let you get more foot of Greeks and Persians,and, if you want to tweak the game a bit, Persian horse and chariot, elephants, pre-Alexander the Great horse and foot(also available a castle and galley).

Basically the figures represent a Greek force of 10,000 & a Persian force of 25,000. You can play the game on a company level,or each unit represents 10 or 100 men for each side(however you feel is right). The numbers change if you get a booster pack.

On a scale of 1-10 the game rates a 8, as for the more modern games they have for WWII(Zeveda does not make any at this time), has anybody played them?, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Stuggs used as tanks
The fact was during the second hafe of the war, especially after Kurst Offensive. The Germans were force to improvise. They began to use their assault units and tank destroyers to fight(they were easier to make), side by side with their Panzer units. Especially since they were more on the defensive.

The ever popular Stug III(the one with the high volcity 75mm gun),especially fit into that role(over 8000 of all makes were made during the war, only the Panzer Mark IV surpassed that number). Compared to a Panther or King/King Royal Tiger it was only a small "cat", but, in numbers took out as many allied tanks as its two larger cousins did.

Perhaps in some future Axis and Allies official variant game(e.g. post Battle of the Bulge). Finally Tank Destroyers and Assualt Guns might be introduced(do not worry they would have to introduct the Allies versions too). Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Games for classroom
One way to get a lower cost game is to get a used one. The A.H. site and others have sections devoted to used games(see X-Mas games in MarketPlace Section).

Also these games hold up, and , many a player still have and use games that are in double numbers of years old. Not bad for a hobby, as compared to a new viedo game, that easily surpasses any Axis and Allies game in price, and, after a year is cosidered "obsolete", or, can longer can be played on newer systems.

Glad your students are learning, that good games, do not have to played in front of a T.V./P.C., take care, Pellulo.

Pellulo The Wolf of Rome
Having that old the leader(Il Duce) is more than approiate, when it comes to Axis Powers European War Leaders, only Hitler outranks him.

After all, the Nazi party was a Germanic version, of the Italian ideal, of a strong dicatorship. One of the first countries to rearm after W.W. One was Italy, and, one of ther first to get kicked out of the League of Nations for aggression (invasion of Ethopia).

Hitler needed Italy's political support for the renuification of Germany and Austria, and, both worked togethere to set up Franco in Spain. Let's face it, the "Wolf of Rome", certainly was more vicious than the leaders of the other axis allied european countries (FinLand, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary), or, politically friendly Spain (much less politically subject states like Vichey France).

Also Italy had a good Industrial base, and, a great arm forces (but ill lead med.fleet and air arm and army, they needed a better officer corps), as compared to other European Axis Powers.

Also it could be a PC problem, Il Duce is more acceptable on a box cover than old Adolf (don't tell that to the Libiyans/Ethopians), take care, Pellulo.

PS unless in the future you have, as part of the main cover, the leaders of, the major Axis & Allies nations.

Pellulo Italy
Perhaps in some future A&A Game, Italy and other Axis Allies might be put aside in some sort of unbrellua group. The IPC would be higher cause you would have Italy, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria,and, Romania in that group.

Also(for N. Africa) the bulk of armour, not so much mobile troops, but, regular troops, majority of guns(sans heavy), and, air and sea in Africa were Italian, even Rommel had an Italian Superior, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Risk 2210 Parts
I am not sure about Hasbro, but, look in games for sale section. Under the title of X-Mas games, for extra parts/games you are looking for, thanks,Pellulo

Luke ...Hello Help Me...

Sadly I believe that SVGames is out of most spare parts.

Pellulo posted a notice that he had some parts for sale. Those may still be available. Here's a link to that thread:


Happy gaming.

Pellulo ...game hints...
Hi, if you want a bit more realsim to the game, (generally for World War II), it was a 7:1 ratio of Armour to regular troop divisions.

Also not taking into account, the use of mobile infantry,(along with a US divsion, which were like a Army Corp in size to some European Armies. Soviet Divisions were hafe the size of German ones, ect.). You can look up on the web army size and ratios of armour to troop divisions.

If you try the 7:1 ratio, it avoids those games, where the winner in Europe has a google of Tanks with a few troops, thanks, Pellulo

Pellula Russia's Turn
The best rule for USSR is to get plenty of Infantry, Infantry, and more Infantry! With it ,hopefully you can hold out, in basic A&A, while the other two(UK & US) wear away at Germany via Africa. Also start to take out Germany's Naval forces, and, force the Axis to worry about an Invasion thru Italy/France.

Save most of your precious armour and air in the space behind Russia, with a few Troops to protect from air attacks. It helps if you get a AA gun also. This space along with far eastern troops and armour, and, what you have in Russia space, will be the backbone of your armies when it is time for you to counterattack/defend against a potential German/Japanese attack.

Also, as played, in the Europe game, even a small group of a few troopers & a tank or two and a gun, could force the surviviors (e.g. a Axis tank or two defending), to lose control of your capital Moscow. Inportant for you to keep a tank, in order to have two movements possible, and, roll back into your capital!

When it comes time to buy stuff, it up to you if you want another factory, but try to get 8-10 troops to every 2-3 tanks, fighters over bombers (unless you got advance bombers), skip AC & Battleships, and getting a few transports and subs to help UK fleet to take hits from a potential Operation Sealion Invasion of UK &/or Japanese attack on Soviet Far East. This will defenitly help you in the longrun (also transports can be used to land Brits. in Norway or Russia itself), another time for advance revise A&A, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Europe Game Parts
Hi ThunderHall, having seen many type of requests like yours, if worst comes to worst, just get an additional Europe game. That should supply you with all the playing units you need, and, sell/trade off the rest, the remainder of the game, you don't need.

Remember Hasbro may not reissue the Europe game forever, and, it'll probably be harder to get (unless you go on e-bay for a used one, in the future, much less you may not get all the parts you want).

Case in point, for the orginal A.&A., about the only new, not used product, is the paper money. Also why pay $10 (who knows if the price has gone up), much less P&H, for some playing units. Every once in a while, somebody like areyougame.com, throws the game on sale, &/or, gives one free P&H, whatever you do, good luck in your search, thanks,Pellulo

Pellulo ...Whose on first...
Howdy, control should be under the Brits., they were there first. Maybe the Brits. and USA forces should have units under a combined command(depends which version of A&A booklet of instruction you have, much less the revise game).

That way their units support each other, you can check out my variants of A&A , in the general section, thanks,Pellulo
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Parts for Risk 2210 & A&A Europe Game..

Post by pellulo » Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:31 pm

previous box, enjoy, Pellulo

Pellulo Oldest game played
The oldest war game I'd played was Luftwaffe by A.H.( more simplier games was Risk, Stratego, Battleship ,and, Torpedo Run). The oldest I still have is MB ConQuest of the Empire. While the oldest shown & played with was Cry Battle (I had no ideal what the game was about), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Game
Hi Mossjass, if you did not find your unit(s), let me know. I have a mint game, &, set up for parts only, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Time-Life Books
Howdy 45, if you got the time, go to your local library, and look up the Time-Life books on the American Civil War.

You'll find the other 73 major battles not covered by the game. Here you can read up on it, and make copies of the map(s). Also blow it up or free hand it to a larger scale, with the geographic areas you deem important enough to stand out on the map.

Also you can look up Ironclades, make copies of them, for battles that have an naval element to it, a bit of research can go a long way, take care, Pellulo

Pellulo Playing GE.
Bascially you need plenty of Infantry, in cojunction with Armour at least a 3-4 Infantry to 1 Armour ratio(try to avoid using up your Infantry, you need it to protect those tanks, for any Allied counterattacks).

Secret weapons is a big optional, it could come in handy or it could be a bust(no funds to buy a superbomber,ect.). Fighters are better than bombers, subs over surface ships.

As for strategy if you cannot isolate or take out UK, then you might need to conquer most or all of Africa, before you can deal with the Bear out East. Much less USN forces out in the Atlantic, that is all for now, thanks, Pellulo.

Pellulo Fightning GE.
You need to put USSR defense in depth, get plenty of cheap infantry, take your armour and fighters and put it in the space behind Russia space. With some infantry and AA gun to absorb air attacks, this will be your reserve, for your eventual counterattack(also can move a factory into that space), against Germany &/or Japan.

Get infantry to armour ratio of 5-10 foot to 1-2 armour, get fighters (skip bombers, unless you have superbombers), factories and AA guns as needed, skip carriers and battlewagons, get subs and transports to help the British fleet to avoid a German Invasion of their Island, thus allowing Great Britian to send troops and armour to USSR.

Have G.B. begin to build up Bomber Command,and, put a factory in Eygpt(start buying Infantry to help out in Africa,and, transport troops to India,and, if need be Australia).

Armour is best used in Africa, and, air primary on the Island at first, sea power at first in North Atlantic to defeat any German Invasion plans,and, to clear out the N. Alantic of German subs.

USA at first to deal with any Invasion plans via a la Battle of Midway, use your Bombers, even if you have a even trade of losses with the Japanese fleet(you will still have the $ to outbuild Japan), get some troops and armour, into N.Africa to eventually link up with the British, support the Chinese.

Once Africa is secured, Japan is halted(You can bypass most Japanese Island holdings to eventual attack the main home Island). You can plan a European landing via S. or/and W. Europe, while the Germans, with little or no sea power, most of her fighters and armour lost, is trying to deal with those landings, much less the Russian Steamroller on the Eastern Front.

Secret weapons are optional, special rules, found on the revise editon, are a two edge sword, Thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Games
Since games are getting larger, and, with more plastic 3-D units in them, double bookcase games could be made. Thus you still have a nice game that fits into your "library", thanks, Pellulo.

Pellulo HOTW
History of the World is one of the three orginal AH games reissued(along with Aquire & Dipolmacy), but, its sales will not get it into any more editions. While popularity of A&A Pacific/Europe/Revise is overshadow by the D-Day type games (the latter will probably go into second printings).

I'm not sure which of the two was orginally produced last, but the A&A games will probably be still available, long after the History game can only be found on E-Bay, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo GE. Symbol
On the flip side of it, after the Nazi symbol, the dreaded Hammer & Sickle, has to be the most hated symbol(for many peoples), of the 20th. Century, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Varient of Shogun
If you want a spin on the old Shogun game, recreate the Mongol Invasion of Japan(the units of Mongols from History of the World Game, can come in handy), thanks, Pellulo

Civilzation has a bit more punch than History of the World, but, both probably do better in a CD-Rom version, just to save the tedious trouble of setting up, and, keeping "the books" up to date of cards, tokens, ect., thanks, Pellulo

O.K. the worst game for wargamming has, to be the American Heritage Milton Bradley Game, from the sixties, it was a nice board and units, great booklet for the WWII Pacific Game, called Hit The Beach,(it was like playing Parchesi or Trouble). This game had no wargame value at all, in a more modern times the worst I played is History of the World ( artistically it is a handsome game, but, it falls in-between old fashion Risk,and, A.H. Civilation. Somehow it does not seem to take off in excitment).

The best game in these times is most of the old Gamemaster Series(Conquest...Empire, Shogun, Axis and Allies, Fortress America), BattleMaster (using parts from the game LionHeart and Weapons and Warriors set,and, yes those small scale brass cannons that have built in pencil sharptners);HeroQuest.

As for Computer games or system games, the worst I played is Battleship, some of the scenerios give you no time to set up your fleets,and, the graphics are too bright sometimes and "blind" you for a second or two. The best games were the stategic system games (by Koei),they were Operation Europe,and, Pacific Theather OP. II, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Hit the Beach
I found a way to spif up a bit, the Hit the Beach Game, is to borrow units from your Axis and Allies set(s), and, use them to wargame a better game, using most of the rules from a.&a, thanks,Pellulo

Pellulo USSR Defense
The best rule for USSR is to get plenty of Infantry, Infantry, and Infantry! With it hopefully you can hold out, in basic A&A, while the other two(uk & us)wear away at Germany via Africa,and, start to take out Germany's Naval forces,and force the Axis to worry about an Invasion thru Italy/France.

Save most of your precious armour and air in the space behind Russia, with a few Troops to protect from air attacks, it helps if you get a AA gun also. This space along with Far Eastern troops and armour,and, what you have in Russia space will be the backbone of your armies when it is time for you to counterattack/defend against a potential Japanese/German attack.

When it comes time to buy stuff, it up to you if you want another factory, but try to get 8-10 troops to every 2-3 tanks, fighters over bombers(unless you got advance bombers), skip AC & Battleships, and getting a few transports and subs to help UK fleet to take hits from a potential Operation Sealion Invasion or Japanese attack on Soviet Far East, will defenitly help you in the longrun(also transports can be used to land Brits. in Norway or Russia itself), another time for advance A&A, thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Geronimo Game
To tell you the truth, the game looks interesting, for the simply reason, there isn't anything else like it around.

Here's another question, is there a list, especially by catagory, regardless, if it is stilled owned by A.H.(the rights for it).

Of the games they made, while they were independent (we know they didn't make Axis and Allies,ect.), and, a second question, how many of those games did the new A.H. reissue? (just only, Hist. of the World, France 1944, Dipomacy, Aquire?), thanks, if anybody knows, Pellulo.

Pellulo gamestores with AH games
Saw that list ,and, now I know why hobby wargame stores(e.g. The Complete Strategist in Manhattan, New York), are still overwhelming full of A.H. games for sales. My questions is, with the majority (like 99.9%) of AH games no longer being made, will wargamming stores be going out of business, once these stocks run out? (is there enough other game makers to fill in the gap), thanks Pellulo

Pellulo New Owners
I got a awful felling that the people who purchase A.H. did not have the patience, and, did not want to put the effort to distrbuite classic A.H. type games. In this age of quick overnight game and viedo wonders (perhaps an effort to put classic AH games on CD-Rom format might have played out better for them, or, subscription for classic games), thanks, Pellulo

Pellulo Playing Parts
What kind of plastic playing pieces or units you plan to have? Are you working towards a CD-Rom version of the game?(also varients of Conquest of the Empire does not email as before from the old Forum page, best see it while it is still available), thanks, Pellulo

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That is all for now...

Post by pellulo » Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:10 pm

...thanks, Pellulo

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Add on for Great War, thanks, Pellulo...

Post by pellulo » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:46 pm

LONDON – The last British survivor of World War I's grinding trench warfare was made an officer of the French Legion of Honor on Monday.
French Ambassador Maurice Gourdault-Montagne awarded 110-year-old Harry Patch the medal at a ceremony in Patch's nursing home in Wells, 120 miles (190 kilometers) west of London, Britain's Ministry of Defense said in a statement. Patch, who served as a machine-gunner in the 1917 Battle of Passchendaele, told Gourdault-Montagne he was proud of the honor.
"Ambassador, I greatly appreciate the way your people respect the memory of those who fell, irrespective of the uniform they wore," he said in a raspy, deliberate voice. "I will wear this medal with great pride and when I eventually rejoin my mates it will be displayed in my regimental museum as a permanent reminder of the kindness of the people of France."
Patch is one of only two surviving British veterans of World War I, according to the Ministry of Defense. The second, 112-year-old Henry Allingham, served as an airman.
Patch had already been made a Knight of the French Legion in 1998, along with more than 300 other veterans of the conflict, in which more than 8 million soldiers perished.
An officer of the French Legion of Honor is a higher rank.
Patch was called up for service in the British army in 1916 when he was working as an apprentice plumber. Thrown into the Allied offensive to take the village of Passchendaele, near the Belgian town of Ypres, he was badly wounded and three of his best friends were killed by shrapnel.
Patch was due to return to France when the war ended in 1918. He went home, returned to work as a plumber, and raised a family. He didn't start talking about his war experiences until the 21st century.

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Re: I ate the whole thing...

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Hi, do not want to open a new thread, but, how would you rate the new AH to the old one, pass by yesterday, it left me a bit dissapointed, thanks, Pellulo

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Re: I ate the whole thing...

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I have to say I admire your tenacity to keep posting these ideas when your the only guy who cares about it. two thumbs up!
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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Re: I ate the whole thing...

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Same to you IL, keep on moving I say, FULL STEAM AHEAD!, thanks, Pellulo

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