Axis and Allies: Legacy Edition

Marking the 50th anniversary of Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast published this very special version of A&A. I hope you enjoy it.
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Axis and Allies: Legacy Edition

Post by Black_Elk » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:57 am

This is everything I would like to see from a reprint of AA50, or the next anniversary edition of Axis and Allies to come out. Presented together here, for simplicity

Map: A two piece map board at the larger scale for the main game (following the split design)

option: Print something on the reverse side of the main map. You'd have two reasonably sized boards, to show the maps for Classic or Revised, which would be a cool nod to the legacy aspect. Or a starter map of some sort?

Cash money! and lots of it: Holding the IPC certificates in your hand is a big part of the physical game, and it is the best possible mechanism for tracking. It's a hugely important psychological aspect to the game as well. A healthy stack of bills should be included with the box.

The smallest possible unit models, something even smaller than what has thus far been printed... In vibrant colors, and relative scale by unit type across all nations (so that its very easy to distinguish which units are which, and which belong to whom.) I vote for Mustangs, no contest. All the units of a particular type should look the part, especially ships for ease of recognition.

Extra plastic chips I vote grey, red, and black

A VC marker star. A physical coin of some type would be particularly cool. That has to be handed over to the opponent if a city is captured. I think this would be highly novel.

Plastic factories!

A mini art book, showing all the cover boxes from A&A and a brief history of the game's artistic inspirations.

Compass Rose: each nation's symbol should be organized around it on the gamemap in a circle describing turn the order.

more income: A simple way to introduce more money into the game, like the rule discussed here ... 15&t=18466
Or just some simple way to play a low economy game, or a high economy one.

A National Objective, and Technology tracker a physical board to track this information.

expansion sets, with extra units for each nation

If a new game, and not just simply a reprint. It would be nice to see a game that did not alter the spaces on the map too significantly, but just the values or possession, or units. The aa50 map felt very clean to me, and I enjoy its overall balance.

A possible way to randomize the turn order. Maybe like this: ... 15&t=18479
I thought it was interesting in AA50, how the change in turn order effected the game. If you organized the nations in a wheel around the compass rose the you could roll for starting nation and also roll for direction around the wheel (clockwise, or counter-clockwise.) See quick hackjob attached below...

This alone would give the game major replay value, since the possible openings could change each game. I think that would be major, and a fun aspect of any kind of legacy anniversary game.

China under US direction, or else a fully playable nation. No nation specific rules. If under US control, they should have an interior territory at 2 ipc for a factory possibility.

I think the cost of factories should match the cost of bombers... And while we're on crazy ideas, that we should put a starting factory in France. That alone would make everyone want to explore the new game. You know you've always wanted to play a game with that factory!

Oh and of course, a DVD, with a digital version of all this stuff and more. But yeah, the stuff above is what keeps me up at night. I think a game like that would be fantastic!
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Re: Axis and Allies: Legacy Edition

Post by markxcool » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:56 am

I think your ideas are brilliant and wonder why WOC/AH aren't doing a new AA50-like game already. Maybe we should grab pitchforks and torches and march on their headquarters (then bribe them with lollipops).
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