How I play AA50: 18vc starting factories

Marking the 50th anniversary of Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast published this very special version of A&A. I hope you enjoy it.
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How I play AA50: 18vc starting factories

Post by Black_Elk » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:27 am

All VCs are given a starting factory
No new production may be purchased

China moves first in the turn order

41: China, Germany, Russia, Japan, Britain, Italy, America (back to China)
42: China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy, America (back to China)

Bid for additional Chinese infantry, limited 3 units per territory according to the rules. The player willing to go lower takes Allies.

This set up highlights the importance of the Victory City. Production is limited to these urban centers, the 9 original plus 9 more factories in the following VC territories:

Eastern Canada

This set up allows for a more adaptive pacific game, with a more effective China, and different options for the Allies. The situation in Europe, the Atlantic, and Indian ocean is also made more interesting, with new options available to Germany, Britain, Japan and the United States. Japanese production is limited to the large urban population centers in the VC territories. They can still access the oil and mineral rich regions of Manchuria, Borneo, East Indies and the rubber in French Indo China, but these territories can no longer be used for easy factory drops to push along on a Godzilla march. Production is now fixed, so they must conquer to grow. India must be contested, China is more potent, and the bases in Philippines, Australia, and Hawaii provide new lines of defense and new targets of opportunity for both sides. Germany has the teeth in Europe to face down Britain or Russia, but the factory in Eastern Canada can also allow the British to make a push into Africa or the North, and if France or Poland can be taken and held they can serve as springboards. So far the balance overall with the China adjustment and the inclusion of these factories has been encouraging.

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