Start 1941 Scenario

Marking the 50th anniversary of Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast published this very special version of A&A. I hope you enjoy it.
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Start 1941 Scenario

Post by Pounce » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:48 am

Hi all,

just a quick question about AA50 1941 start scenario: The setup basically asks for a Pearl and Barbarossa action first round, but is this really a must as well ?
Do Germany and Japan have to initialize these attacks round one or can they choose not to ?
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Re: Start 1941 Scenario

Post by ChristophfromGermany » Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:02 pm

You are free to win the war in any way that suits you and is played according to the rules :D

Basically Germany must attack Russia and try to gain further income, especially if you play with National Objectives. So yes, Barbarossa is mandatory. With Japan things are different. You have to seize territories to gain income, that is for sure. But to attack the US at Pearl Harbour is totally up to you. As Honolulu is a victory city, it is not the worst target. On the other hand it is not the easiest VC to defend. India seems to be number one target. And Russia of course.

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