Reprint or new game?

Marking the 50th anniversary of Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast published this very special version of A&A. I hope you enjoy it.
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Reprint or new game?

Post by TMTM » Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:15 pm

I really love this AA50 edition.. the new Global 1940 is a bit much for me but its awesome as well.. I hope this anniversary will be the standard style for next releases with Global 1940 style as advanced. Instead of just a reprint of AA50.. how about giving it some flavors of global 1940 while keeping about the same as AA50 is now.. add in the mech inf and dive bombers or bases and air fields etc.. maybe more lines of tech to choose from... maybe refresh the NO's to spice it up.

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